Cory Fox

Cory Fox Says He Gives the Best Cum Shows on Flirt4Free

“Stroke my cock, leave it on the edge.”

Cory Fox has been stroking that dick on gay cams for nine years now. This man is hot, horny as fuck, and loves blowing his load. According to him, he gives the best cum shows “in the world” especially if it’s all over his guy’s face. So, you know, it’s serious.

This guy also has plenty of fetishes he loves playing around with on Some of them include nipple play, sugar daddies, and voyeurism.

Cory is 30 and is ripped as fuck. He’s got a 7-inch uncut dick and can be versatile in bed.

Here’s what fans have said about Cory’s private shows:

“He’s a fantastic performer. His physique and charisma are off the charts! You won’t be disappointed.”

“Amazing model. It’s a pleasure for the eyes. His body is amazing, his abs are so magnetic. And it’s a pleasure to talk with him. Of course, it’s a problem to type the correct words if my eyes are focused on his abs.”

“Cory is an outstanding performer. He is very handsome and polite, fun to talk to, and hang out with. The teasing in public makes you want to take him directly to private and things get much hotter! He knows exactly what to do to satisfy your needs and take it to a whole new level of fantasy! Wildly amazing!”

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7 thoughts on “Cory Fox Says He Gives the Best Cum Shows on Flirt4Free”

  1. Cory doesn’t enjoy blowing his loads on guys whatsoever. I follow this guy on Instagram and he’s fully str8. He’s got a girlfriend and is highly into her. Not only that, his shows use to be with a guy name Chad (who’s also str8 as fuck) and they never wanted to even touch each other let alone blowing loads or having an inkling of gay sex.

    This guy is nothing more than a rainbow buck squeezer. His shows are boring and all he wants to do is get you to go private just to stroke his dick with never having the slightest intentions on a cum shot.

    Don’t waste your time or money like I did.

    1. I’m curious, as I know nothing about Cory. Why do you say he’s a marketing ad for STD’S? (and BTW, property spell STDs without the apostrophe and final capital letter).

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