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Counting Down The Best Fetish Scenes Of 2022 (So Far!)

We’re nearing the end of our mid-year rankings for 2022’s best gay porn scenes, but we couldn’t wrap it all up without including at least one ultra-kinky list. That’s why for today’s Best of 2022 ranking, we’re going to be taking a look at the very best scenes from Fisting Inferno!

For those who don’t know, Fisting Inferno is the online home to a bunch of content from your favorite fetish studios like Club Inferno, Fisting Central, and Fetish Force. The site has been the go-to spot for all the latest films from these studios and has featured hoards of gaping stars like Drew Sebastian, Devin Franco, and Dominic Pacifico getting their holes and poles serviced into oblivion.

So take a look below at what we consider to be the very best in recent content from this kinky site, be sure to watch these videos right now over on Fisting Inferno and NakedSword, and don’t forget to let us know what you think of this ranking down in the comments!

6. Dominic Pacifico & Archer Croft

We could literally sit around all day watching random men as they make their burly fists disappear between the meaty thighs of Dominic Pacifico. [Watch]

5. Ace Stallion & Declan Blake

Between Ace In The Hole and Raging Stallion’s RIDE OR DIE, we’ve definitely seen a lot of prison content this year, but this fisting moment between Ace and Declan is definitely worth the watch. [Watch]

4. Josh Mikael & Declan Blake

We honestly tried not to have repeat performers covering this ranking, but Declan Blake’s ass is just too juicy to deny it another entry on this list. [Watch]

3. Jack Vidra & Cain Marko

There’s nothing we love more than seeing real-life partners fuck around for the camera, so it’s no surprise that this SUBMIT scene with husbands Jack and Cain ended up in the top three for this kinky ranking. [Watch]

2. Drew Sebastian & Jim Fit

It was hard to decide if we wanted to give this spot to Jim Fit’s Stripper Hole Tryouts scene or his Highway hookup, but we eventually decided to shine some light on this Stripper scene between Jim and everyone’s favorite daddy – Drew Sebastian. [Watch]

1. Lucas Leon, Devin Franco, & Grant Ducati

What do you get when you combine the twinky talents of Grant Ducati, the muscles of Devin Franco, and the delicious body hair of Lucas Leon? Well, based on this scene, it looks like you get the hottest fetish threeway of the year. [Watch]

So what do you think of this ranking? Do you have a personal favorite fetish scene of 2022? Sound off in the comments below with all your hot thoughts and be sure to watch all these scenes right now over at Fisting Inferno! 

[See more top scenes at Fisting Inferno]


9 thoughts on “Counting Down The Best Fetish Scenes Of 2022 (So Far!)”

  1. Cockbeggerslut

    I would love to be on s sling tied up and blindfold and gangbanged by a group of well hung white and black dudes at least 10 all weekend yummy

  2. Universal Potentate

    Jim Fit is UNREAL attractive. If you ever see him IRL, it’s a little unreal. Aiden Ward is another (not shown here). Those two have done some fisting scenes together. They are just awesome.

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