Courteney Cox Scream

Courteney’s Rainbow: Gale’s Pride Has the Gays Screaming for Cox

Ghostface has been slashing his (and her!) way through the Scream series. But as stylish reporter Gale Weathers, Courteney Cox has been slaying with her fashion! The Friends actress took to social media this weekend and used Gale’s glorious hues to wish us a Happy Pride!

“Gale had a great pride month. Hope you did too,” wrote the actress with a rainbow emoji and a collage of Gale’s killer looks…all under an image of Ghostface wearing a rainbow mask:

Courteney Cox Scream

As if we didn’t love Courteney enough already, she has now cemented her Goddess status (and while most of the comments on her post were positive, a few homophobes ruined our fun…can we send Ghostface their way?). Let’s take a look at Gale’s fashion statements spanning the series (which started with Scream in 1996 and continued with Scream VI last year, with a seventh installment expected next year) in order of the rainbow colors…


Gale has had two killer looks in red: her white-buttoned red blazer in the original Scream and her red suit in 2022’s Scream (aka Scream 5, or should that be 5cream…?).

Courteney Cox Scream


Although orange is the most underrepresented color in Gale’s wardrobe, we did see her in an orange tank top in Scream 3. Maybe she can go all orange for Scream 7 (please!).

Courteney Cox Scream


Her yellow suit in Scream 3 was a bold statement, and I love it (let’s not talk about the bangs…)

Courteney Cox Scream


The neon green suit from the original Scream is so legendary that fellow gay icon Parker Posey wore her own version in Scream 3 (the interplay between these two was epic!).

Courteney Cox Scream Courteney Cox Scream


Gale was a beautiful vision in Scream VI with another bold pantsuit (and love the green high heels!).

Courteney Cox Scream

Indigo & Violet

We’ve seen three looks in this spectrum from the series, starting with her stunning dress and accompanying blazer in Scream 4, her lavender blazer with black buttons in Scream VI, and her rose-cinched blazer (also in Scream 4 ).

Courteney Cox Scream Courteney Cox Scream

Courteney Cox Scream

Courteney Cox Scream

Which look from Gale’s Pride Collection is your favorite? What’s your favorite Scream movie?

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3 thoughts on “Courteney’s Rainbow: Gale’s Pride Has the Gays Screaming for Cox”

  1. I never realized all the different colors she wore for this franchise. I think purple is Courtney’s best color

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