Craig Marks Quickly Becomes Our New Obsession Thanks To New Sir Peter Scene

Well, it looks like we officially have a new porn crush. Earlier today, porn hunk Craig Marks made his Falcon | NakedSword debut via a starring role in the second scene of Islas Canarias from NakedSword Originals and we’ve already decided that we can’t get enough of this bearded dreamboat.

For this first-ever appearance with NakedSword, Craig can be seen teaming up with big dick icon Sir Peter – who also just made his own Falcon | NakedSword debut not too long ago. Shot on location in the Canary Islands and directed by Marc MacNamara, this scene features both of these throbbing men yanking their meat out of their skimpy swimwear before getting into some poolside bareback play in the middle of the night.

This isn’t the only Craig Marks scene we’re obsessing over though. In addition to this bareback vid, Craig, who you may have previously seen on sites like and Kristen Bjorn, is set to star in the finale of Taking Care of Businessthe co-production from Falcon and TheBroNetwork that we’ve been telling you about for the last couple of weeks, later this month.

We’ll be sure to talk about that bareback finale when it debuts though. In the meantime, take a look below at some more preview shots of Crain’s big NakedSword scene with Sir Peter:

So what do you think about this new scene? Are you obsessed with Craig Marks like we are? What about Sir Peter and his massive dick? Sound off in the comments below with all your hot thoughts and be sure to watch this entire scene right now over at NakedSword!

[Watch ‘Islas Canarias’ ft. Sir Peter & Craig Marks]


8 thoughts on “Craig Marks Quickly Becomes Our New Obsession Thanks To New Sir Peter Scene”

  1. Craig Marks is my new Calvin Banks idol du jour! His cocks the right size for my ass and my 8/5.25″ is perfect to fill his bum. Even more important are his excellent hairy body proportions, beautiful face and eyes, bearded lips I’d gladly get lip burn from him and listen to his genuinely adorable voice whether from moans or words! Just watch his face as he builds to a great climax: unlike many bottoms today he clearly enjoyed being fucked by Sir Pete. Use him everywhere the way you did Calvin who I still never tire of!! Tell us more! – Tarheelwrestler (High Point, NC, USA

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