Lane Colten, Tristan Hunter

Creative Cocksuckers: Lane Colten & Tristan Hunter Slurp Each Other’s Big Schlongs

We’ve always known that taut Tristan Hunter was in great shape, but it’s still hot to see him put that arm, leg and core strength to good use during this supernatural sucking and fucking.

There’s a lot going on in the latest entry of the CockyBoys series Happy Endings, which features appearances from recurring characters Cody Seiya, Sean Xavier and Daniel Evans (all of them clothed, sadly). We find out more about Tristan’s past—and the past of that spooky house, which may explain the ghost that hangs around all the time. That would be Lane Colten, who is just as sexy in the afterlife.

Lane Colten, Tristan Hunter Lane Colten, Tristan Hunter

Lane Colten, Tristan Hunter

These are two of the most (genuinely) versatile performers in the business, and both of them have big and beautiful it’s a joy to see the two of them go at it. Some hot foreplay includes the two of them yanking each other’s chains as they meditate, their cocks throbbing up as they stare at each other (and love that kissing, too!).

Lane Colten, Tristan Hunter Lane Colten, Tristan Hunter

Lane Colten, Tristan Hunter

The highlight has Tristan holding his body up in the “crab soccer” position, sliding his dick inside Lane’s handsome face (as Lane is rock hard himself, his dick throbbing). Tristan also impressively keeps that position when he sits down on Lane’s dick to get fucked. The bottom then shows off his own boner, pushing it up on Lane’s abs as he gets fucked on his back. Tristan also sucks and fucks the cutie, who takes it from behind. I wish we got to see Lane in the sit-down position, but I’m sure these two will hook up again soon (and I wanna be there on my knees trying to stuff both of those big dicks in my mouth…).

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


12 thoughts on “Creative Cocksuckers: Lane Colten & Tristan Hunter Slurp Each Other’s Big Schlongs”

  1. Tristan is also 30 years old. He looks young from afar, his twink body makes him “appear” younger but I noticed up close he looks older than 30. You can see it in his face. I think he needs to lay off the sun tanning because his skin is already cracking.

  2. i was wundering why tristan was getting dragged on twitter the other day but after seeing that screen capture of his problematic tweet yeah no thanks but i will still watch his scenes cuz i love me that girthy cock lol.

    1. he aint even worth it in my opinion. he has a nice lean body but he is very average looking and ever since his anti-asian commentary, he’s just ugly to me now.

    2. He disabled his comments so that only people he follows can comment on his tweets because he was getting A LOT of heat from asians in the comment section. Coward move in my opinion. Own up to your shit because staying silent really says a lot about his character and him telling other asians to “fuck off” is awful.

    1. theyre gay, its really just the studio (cockyboys) that’s been directing some strange scenes where they focus too much on aesthetics and visuals instead of the actual performance. Their happy ending series has been a major disappointment for this exact reason and the lack of the chemistry with the scene partners are uncomfortable to watch.

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