Elliot Finn, Dakota Payne, Cody Viper

Cupid Cums Back to Squirt on Dakota Payne & Elliot Finn in V-Day Tradition

Most people celebrate Valentine’s Day with a romantic dinner, flowers and chocolates. But how about some extra cock instead? This holiday, save some calories and have a threesome! (It’s what St. Valentine would have wanted, right?!)

You may remember last year when Elliot Finn wanted to do something special for his Valentine, Carter Woods. So he brought in Dakota Payne for some V-Day fucking in “Cupid’s Cumshot.” Turns out that thy had so much fun, Elliot dumped Carter and started dating Dakota (aww, poor Carter!). A year later we get the sequel, with Dakota and Elliot enjoying the holiday when Elliot does it again, bringing in toned cutie Cody Viper for some mischief. How hot are these three?!

Elliot Finn, Dakota Payne, Cody Viper Elliot Finn, Dakota Payne, Cody Viper

It doesn’t take much convincing for Dakota to agree, and soon they’re all sucking each other in various configurations, including a hot suck train with Cody in the middle. I love seeing and hearing Elliot gag on cock, and the shot of Cody going back and forth on the boyfriends’ dicks as they kiss above him is also fantastic (they return the favor by also sucking his shaft together).

Elliot Finn, Dakota Payne, Cody Viper Elliot Finn, Dakota Payne, Cody Viper

Cody and Elliot then take turns bending over for each other and Dakota in a plethora of hot fuck shots, including Cody getting spit roasted and the two boyfriends sucking Cody’s cock together as Elliot rides Dakota.

Elliot Finn, Dakota Payne, Cody Viper Elliot Finn, Dakota Payne, Cody Viper

Have you ever brought in a third for Valentine’s Day?

(And hey, Next Door…would it have broken the bank to add a few Valentine’s Day decorations in this scene?!)

See the full scene at Next Door Studios!


8 thoughts on “Cupid Cums Back to Squirt on Dakota Payne & Elliot Finn in V-Day Tradition”

  1. Why is Finn even a popular anymore, gay bait who clearly does not like men, one minute lives out of his car the next owns multiple properties… clearly something is amiss. No one wants to see this stretched out straight bottom anymore

  2. Elliot Finn may say he’s str8 and doesn’t prefer gay sex, but his cock hungry booty is open to all cummers. When Elliot quits gay porn his booty is going to miss that hot action.

    1. Universal Potentate

      You make a good point.
      While I haven’t heard Elliot discuss his sexuality specifically but, I have seen this sort of confusion surface from younger porn actors as of late. This is officially the generation where they get to just have sex free of socially isolating labels. Now people get to be bi, pan, poly and fluid. Even “Questioning” is an acceptable category. Trying to position one’s self as “gay4pay” is just not a good look and I’m mystified ad to why this designation which made some social sense 20 years ago still exists today. It’s baffling.

  3. I haven’t been interested in Elliot Finn’s scenes since he started giving those stupid interviews saying how much he hates gay sex.

    1. Amen. Same here. Haven’t wanted to see him or any scene of his. All I see is some uninteresting guy who is a closeted case and who doesn’t give a damn about homosexuality. He’s just using us for a buck.

      Also Dakota Payne. He’s been talking about how bad he wants to do bi & str8 porn on his Twitter and it’s just completely a turn off. He’s also trying to say that he’s gay and will always be gay even if he decides to have sex with females. Ugh. Crazy ass backwards homophobic shit.

  4. Universal Potentate

    No DP. Top & bottom need vers to “complete” them. Top sounds like a femme. Springing sex on on boyfriend without forewarning.
    The fact these three are insanely hot is the only redeeming attribute here.

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