Dad, Are You Sure This Is What They Meant By A Cram Session?

Caleb’s report card told the story and not a pretty one. His teacher called his dad and suggested they spend more time together on his homework. Papa was on board. And soon on Caleb.

It’s been a few weeks since we have dropped in on the Armstrong clan at Family Dick.

There have been some changes.

It seems there’s a new addition around the house.

And congratulations, Mr. Armstrong: it’s a boy.

A lot of pressure can build up when dad is getting ready to leave for Parent-Teacher Conference time.

That’s when all the school-boy secrets are revealed, and daddies must decide what they’re going to do with their sons.

When this young man confesses to not doing his homework, his old man reminds him just how smart and special he is.

But he insists they find a way to get his grades up.

Luckily for the boy, that’s not the only thing that gets up!

Happy that his stepdad will help him out, the two kiss and embrace, leading to a hot, bareback fuck session.

[Watch Caleb & Jacob Armstrong in “Pride And Joy Ch 2: Parent Teacher Conference]

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1 thought on “Dad, Are You Sure This Is What They Meant By A Cram Session?”

  1. i like this production company but i wish they had some bottoms that actually moaned and and maybe say ,, sorry dad i will do better in school ,,,, something .,,,,at least this one avoided ink on his skin .

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