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DaddyLand Attendees Were SOL After Hotel Orders Everyone to Leave

Daddy’s home early, thanks to the abrupt cancellation and eviction of DaddyLand attendees over the weekend.

Initially scheduled to run July 3-8, on July 6, DaddyLand host venue Crowne Plaza Dallas canceled all DaddyLand Mythland events and left flyers on hotel guests’ doors instructing them to check out by 6 p.m. (Events at other venues are still going on, including the July 8 closing night party.)  Organizer Ersin Winokur posted a statement on Facebook explaining the situation (kinda):

“The host hotel has advised DaddyLand Festival — Dallas 2024 due to complaints by guests not part of the festival they would be canceling the remaining events. During negotiations to rectify the situation and offering to place extra security and make more accommodation to the guest staying in the hotel ownership became outwardly disrespectful to the team, its party guests and parts of our community. While we stand up for the many for the actions of the few the owner refused to listen to reason and made the decision to evict without notice everyone attending our events, We are committed to making this right for those affected.

“For now the remaining Daddyland Festival 2024 events will continue as scheduled with the exception of the after hours located at this years host hotel.

“Guest who purchased single event tickets for after hours will be refunded. Guest who purchased weekend passes which includes after hours events we are working on a solution to make up for the two remaining events that were canceled outside of our control.

“Please note many of the reasons being posted are untrue and as we continue the remaining events we appreciate the support of our community.”

Among the reasons being floated online (particularly on Reddit) are the usual rumors of drug use. Those have not been confirmed, but regardless, the abruptness of the choice has led many to leap to conclusions. Many assumed homophobia might be at play,  but others have shared that Crowne Plaza Dallas has hosted many LGBTQ+ events in the past. The whole thing is messy drama, and the comments don’t show any signs of slowing down.

9 thoughts on “DaddyLand Attendees Were SOL After Hotel Orders Everyone to Leave”

    1. Oh I am trembling. LOL
      You might want to actually read the story of Sodom and Gomorrah before referencing it. It is not exactly the kind of story one that lends itself to the arguments many anti-gay bigots try to make.

  1. Jeez, some gays need to get a grip. We know exactly what happened to upset the other guests.
    Unless it is an exclusive gay/sex venue, you cannot expect to indulge (ie force other people to witness) your fetishes in public.

    1. I agree. I’m gay… but if I was on a business trip… traveling all day, and got to my hotel, and it was filled with cracked out party gays, with music pumping… I’d be pissed off, and would probably complain as well.

  2. EVERYONE? The next time a group of straight people staying for a convention are disruptive and get complaints, all of the convention guests must leave, right? Right?! Straight people are the worst.

  3. People that hate have been emboldened to whine. The hotel management caved, trembling fear.

    My guess is there is a new property general manager hired after the venue was booked, that isn’t as friendly as past management teams.

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