dakota rivers fucks adam ramzi

Dakota Rivers Goes White Water Rafting

So much for the California drought. By the time Dakota Rivers is finished with Adam Ramzi, it’s not so much a Rivers runs through him as all over him. Emphasis on the “all.”

For this third scene from “L.A. Cruising” from TitanMen, we move up to Silverlake where one shoulder-to-shoulder nudge was all it took for Dakota Rivers to get rock and Adam Ramzi’s legs to go up.

You see it, you want, you get. That’s the L.A. way.

And for our men today, that means having their way with each other.

dakota rivers fucks adam ramziEach scene in “L.A. Cruising” was shot on location. This time, in a house in Silverlake that was getting their “Home Depot” on. Those noises you hear between the moans come from the construction crew that was working downstairs. As director Jasun Mark shared with The Sword, “while the guys were fluffing in the living room, one of the workers walked in and got a bit of an eyeful. He didn’t stay, though …” Pity he left. He missed quite a show.

dakota rivers fucks adam ramziDakota Rivers is no different than the rest of us: two heads are always better than one.

dakota rivers fucks adam ramziDakota had to wrap his arms around Adam once he started riding before the helicoptering of Adam’s cock had them airborne.

dakota rivers fucks adam ramziAdam turned his abs into a sticky mess while Dakota pummeled him over the edge. Then when it was Dakota’s turn, he pulled out and fired off a load that practically reached West L.A. and soaked almost every hair on Adam’s body from beard to pubes. And then, it snowed. Well, maybe not snow. But that didn’t stop them from snowballing.

[Watch Adam & Dakota in “L.A. Cruising” scene three at TitanMen]

Two hairy men in a scene are not the most common sight. Is that a welcome change for you from the usual shaved on waxed?

1 thought on “Dakota Rivers Goes White Water Rafting”

  1. Adam needs to just retire, he’s looking like your average old middle eatern man day by day. And his tits are starting to sag, maybe start laying off the roids adam.

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