dakota rivers fucks dallas steele

Look, Pa, No Hands!

What exactly did Dakota Rivers do to Dallas Steele that made his cum spontaneously — and more than once?

“Bad Cops 2: Internal Investigation” from TitanMen comes to a close today with a lesson we learned in the very first scene: if you fuck around with bad cops, everyone winds up busted.

Only this time, TitanMen exclusive Dallas Steele didn’t exactly get busted. He launched a one-man handsfree cumshot marathon that left cast a crew’s mouths like the final condition of Dallas’ hole: agape.

dakota rivers fucks dallas steelePolice Captain Steele was “reviewing” the hidden camera footage of patrolmen Tex Davidson fucking the cum out of blue knight Micah Brandt when officer Dakota Rivers crashed the party. “I’m not done yet,” Dallas started to say, but soon realized his dripping dick already had made that point.

dakota rivers fucks dallas steeleClearly, this isn’t a precinct where they do things by the book. But when it comes to police tactics, just look at that technique Dallas has polishing Dakota’s knob. Then again, he knows where that knob is going next.

dakota rivers fucks dallas steeleThen, there’s the matter of Dallas’ big dick pointing towards the ceiling all by itself as he takes Dakota for a ride. As we mentioned at the beginning, “handsfree” is an entire subplot of its own today.

dakota rivers fucks dallas steeleUltimately, Dakota figured out there’s only one way to cool down a bad hot cop.

[Watch Dallas & Dakota in “Bad Cops 2: Internal Investigation” scene four at TitanMen]

Part of the heat generated today stems the fact that both Dakota and Dallas have a bit of uniform fetish going on. Is that something they have in common with you?

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