dallas from sean cody

This Dallas Isn’t Pumping Oil. Shade & Cum, However …

“When asked to describe his dick to us, we got this, “It’s perfectly symmetrical, long, nice girth to it, and … I love my dick!” ~Dallas

Since we had the same model doing his own #StiffCompetionMonday” already, we’re taking a separate look at Dallas, the latest solo sacrifice from Sean Cody.

He’s a looker all right. Handsome, built, and packing a nice, thick piece. I believe that he believes he’s as hung as he says he is. I also believe that means he’s straight AF and needs a reality check of what hung really means in gay porn.

But still worth a voyeuristic closer look? Absolutely.
dallas from sean codySpeaking of looking … this is not front row at the Dior fashion show and that is not Anna Wintour. Whoever’s idea it was to let him keep the shades on during the interview, it was a bad one. He comes across plenty full of himself as is – he doesn’t need to accessorize that point.

dallas from sean codyBut handsome he is. He’s got one of those “sorta reminds me of …” faces like he’s the love-child of Ben Feldman and Matthew “Harry Potter” Lewis

dallas from sean codyWhat light through yonder window breaks?” Yes, we do get a brief interlude of Dallas’ buff bod bathed in natural sunlight. As for his ass, this picture is all we get.

dallas from sean codyI wouldn’t sit by the monitor waiting for him to return. But if this is our only chance, it’s well shot and he shoots well. Not bad for a Monday!

[Watch Dallas at Sean Cody]

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