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You’re Gonna Have To Prove It, Son

When Luke Adams shows up with his dick as hungry as both his holes, neither Dallas Steele or David Anthony could believe their ears. Then again, why just fuck him when you can flip him, right?

It’s not just what he does, but how he does it that has made “Stopover In Bond’s Corners” the perfect marriage between gay porn master Joe Gage and the gay porn masters at TitanMen. Fucking is something that be filmed. Capturing every toe-curling glance, throb, and leak that weaves the story and the talent into something bigger than sum of its parts is a gift few have to share.

dallas steele luke adams david anthony joe gage titanmenFortunately, both Joe Gage and TitanMen are still playing Santa as the finale for “Stopover In Bond’s Corners” finds TitanMen exclusives Dallas Steele, David Anthony, along with Luke Adams playing for keeps.

dallas steele luke adams david anthony joe gage titanmenThe cum guzzling Luke from last time showed up again today. Unannounced. And unapologetic. But then, Dallas Steele and David Anthony have always known how to get to the bottom of things.

dallas steele luke adams david anthony joe gage titanmenDavid sees the desire in Luke’s eyes. And the need. First, David makes Luke go balls deep into Dallas to earn what he really wants: the be the filling in a daddy sandwich.

dallas steele luke adams david anthony joe gage titanmenWell, that’s not all the filling Luke wants. After stuffing him at both ends, David demonstrates how a grown man should be fucked and pounds Dallas until they are ready to explode — with both of their cum-soaked dick heads in Luke’s mouth at once. Filling, and “Stopover In Bond’s Corners”, is now cum-plete.

[Watch Luke, Dallas, & David in “Stopover In Bond’s Corners” scene five]

If you missed it in our Holiday Porn Shop, TitanMen has a gift for the rest of us $9.99/month for the year!
Additionally, starting tomorrow 12/21, the “12 Gage of Christmas” features one new classic Joe Gage scene remastered in HD 1080p for the first time ever per day.

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