Dalton Briggs Is Forced to Fuck Roald Ekberg at Bel Ami, Seems to Like It Anyway

Back in May we learned that pouty-lipped, big-dicked CockyBoys exclusive Dalton Briggs was flying to Prague to become the 19th American to be featured by the Eastern European studio.

Now that scene is out, and Bel Ami makes out like there was some sort of drama around who Dalton thought he’d be having sex with — Kevin Warhol — and who he ends up having sex with — Roald Ekberg.

They say that Dalton had agreed to come and bottom for Kevin, who’s exclusively a top now except when he’s sucking Joel Birkin’s cock. But then Kevin was indisposed or something, and they tell Dalton he’ll have to fuck Roald instead, who just happens to be sitting in a chair naked and jerking off.

This is actually Dalton’s second released scene for Bel Ami, from this May trip, the first being him jerking off with Rick Lautner, which came out a couple weeks ago.

The new scene is a condom scene, which is kind of new / nostalgic for Bel Ami, but I guess when you import an American homosexual, whether he asked for the condom or not, everybody in Eastern Europe gets worried about HIV.

But, of course, Dalton still cums on Roald’s hole.




[Bel Ami: Roald Ekberg, Dalton Briggs]


5 thoughts on “Dalton Briggs Is Forced to Fuck Roald Ekberg at Bel Ami, Seems to Like It Anyway”

  1. If you had read the press release from BelAmi you would have known that Dalton Brigg’s tests results were not back yet so it was a wise decision to use a condom.

      1. Do I sense some anti-EastEuropeanism here because you somehow perceived the testing of that American model as a form of anti-Americanism? Don’t be stupid. All models at BelAmi get tested on a regular basis, has nothing to do with nationality.

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