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Dalton Jackson’s Naked Truth

FratMen called him “Felix.” CollegeDudes called him “Taylor Buck.” On his YouTube channel, he calls himself Dalton Jackson. Now the internet is calling him out.

Dalton Jackson is one of those enterprising underwear and fitness models who parlayed his physical blessings into a social media franchise od adulation. Though he did some recent housekeeping on YouTube, over 533,000 fans of his flesh follow him on Instagram for glimpses of him like these:

Supposed to be packing for LA, but yah… Procrastination is life

A photo posted by Dalton Jackson™ ☀️ (@daltonjackson) on

Hey ❤️

A photo posted by Dalton Jackson™ ☀️ (@daltonjackson) on

Hey loves. Make sure you get some rest after all these exams

A photo posted by Dalton Jackson™ ☀️ (@daltonjackson) on

And while his mustache covers the signature mole on his lip and blue contacts mask his brown eyes now …
dalton jackson naked
Five years ago, common wisdom is porn land now is that we first encountered him as Felix on Fratmen back in 2011.

Later that month, he appeared under the name Taylor Buck at CollegeDudes:



dalton jackson naked

dalton jackson naked

dalton jackson nakedWhere we learned, amongst other things, that he has one hairy hole.


And while he loves to talk about himself on YouTube …

… the fact that he’s no stranger to making videos is something never mentioned.

[Watch Taylor Buck — aka Dalton Jackson — at CollegeDudes]

(h/t SobeMen)

4 thoughts on “Dalton Jackson’s Naked Truth”

  1. interesting, i would not have made this connection. I follow him on snapchat and instagram. I’ll have to revisit my fratmen files…..

  2. I hate shit like this. His porn past is obviously something he was trying to forget by the fact he never mentioned it and here, you and a few other are bringing this shit back to life.

    1. The Internet is a harsh place, if you can’t handle your shit being leaked like this don’t do shit like this to begin with.

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