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The Return Of Roman Todd … As A Bottom

Roman Todd getting that fine ass tapped once again is enough to make this ‘appointment pornography.’ But the fact he’s getting spit-roasted by Dane Stewart & Tyler Roberts makes this ‘destination orgasm.’

A jacked, and f-i-n-e fine looking Roman Todd has been lighting up our monitors since last spring. He was rag dogged by Jeff Powers at Bromo at the very beginning of the year. But all top ever since.

Fitting for the finale of “Looking For The Big One” from Falcon, Roman Todd bottoms out again, on, and in between the dicks of Dane Stewart and Tyler Roberts.

dane stewart tyler roberts fuck roman toddToday, after a day of surfing, Dane Stewart and Tyler Roberts are chilling on the couch watching the game when Roman enters and takes a seat between them. Roman notices that Dane is watching porn on his phone and realizes that all three of are ready for more than football.

dane stewart tyler roberts fuck roman toddAnd if all of that wasn’t enough, we also get to see something else pretty rare: Dane Stewart with a cock in his mouth. That’s in addition to his tongue getting Roman’s ass ready while Roman gives Tyler a taste test.

dane stewart tyler roberts fuck roman toddGravity be damned. Today’s fuck train runs both horizontal and vertical.

dane stewart tyler roberts fuck roman toddDane fucks the cum right out of Roman just as Tyler explodes all over Roman’s sweaty pecs. Then, when Dane busts his nut, he completes Roman’s transformation into a human cum rag. Tyler swoops down and then ATM’s the rest of the jizz out of Dane before they all three share the wealth.

Just goes to show you, sometimes when you are “Looking For The Big One”, what you really find is a helluva lot more.

[Watch Roman, Tyler, & Dane in “Looking For The Big One” scene four at Falcon]

Is it just me, or does seeing Roman Todd taking some dick again put the flap in your flapjacks too?


1 thought on “The Return Of Roman Todd … As A Bottom”

  1. I became a Roman Todd fan(atic) the first time I saw him bottom and give up his fine ass to Rafael Cedano on RB. Roman is a cocky New York Italian-American guy but the gods created him to be a bottom anyway. Bottom on Roman.

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