dani robles emir boscatto hung country raging stallion

Now Serving Spanish Sausage

Dani Robles turns Emir Boscatto’s chorizo into his personal tapas bar.

We learned something last week with Abraham Al Malek and Hector de Silva; the only thing more breathtaking than the Spanish landscape of “Hung Country” are the horny men who inhabit it. And each other.

Today, it’s Emir Boscatto and Dani Robles who show a hard dick and a hungry hole are equally delicious in any language.

dani robles emir boscatto hung country raging stallionMembers of “Men At Play” know the sexual stylings of smooth, sexy Emir Boscatto and the hot, uncut Dani Robles. But for the rest of us, it took Raging Stallion to get these beautiful men on our radar. And into each other. Working outside in the cold rain, Emir Boscatto finally makes it home. He smartly opts for taking Dani Robles’ furry ass over taking a siesta.

dani robles emir boscatto hung country raging stallionAfter chewing on Emir’s foreskin until he’s weak at the knees, Emir pulls down Dani’s shorts and dives in face first.

dani robles emir boscatto hung country raging stallionEmir pins Dani down on the table and unleashes a full-throttle ass fuck. Dani rolls over and throws his leg over Emir’s shoulder to pull him in deeper. Emir keeps pounding as Dani lets loose a torrent of cum all over his furry abs. Then Emir gives Dani’s cock and balls the same treatment.

[Watch Emir Boscatto & Dani Robles in “Hung Country” scene two]

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