daniel from sean cody

Best Sean Cody Scene This Year?

The casting cancer is in remission at Sean Cody as they bring together Lane & Daniel. The action gets started right in the car while Daniel is still driving. Don’t fasten your seatbelts. Just unzip.

Scruff, hung, hairy Daniel who made premature salt and pepper sexy is one my favorite Sean Cody models and easily, one of their best and most forceful tops. His last scene with Blake was pretty close to porn magic. Lane is just the kind of bendable, dick hungry bottom Daniel takes a shine too.

daniel from sean cody
“Lane and Daniel: Bareback” went live Friday at midnight from Sean Cody.

daniel from sean cody
Preview images like these are the things blue balls are made of.

daniel from sean cody
Another thing about Daniel, he’s never fucking for the camera. He’s always doing it for real.

daniel from sean cody
Ah yes, I promised some road head. That looks like a pretty good start. Will “Lane and Daniel: Bareback” finish just as strong? Watch this blog.

[Update] More than just strong – this is one of the best Sean Cody updates in awhile. The road head leads to pulling off on the side of the highway in the desert. What I thought would be a continuation of the blowjob turned into a full-scale roadside fuck fest. Daniel started by bending Lane over and dicking him until they move to the hatchback, where Daniel opened Lane up even more and they both splattered cum all over the interior of the car and the exterior of Lane. Then Lane licks Daniel’s dick clean after.

daniel from sean cody
Then, back to Sean Cody HQ where Daniel fucks a second load out of Lane while working his nips, wiping it up and kissing him after. The Daniel stand over Lane and ushers out a downpour of cum over Lane’s hungry, greedy tongue.

[Watch “Lane and Daniel: Bareback” at Sean Cody]

3 thoughts on “Best Sean Cody Scene This Year?”

  1. Idk for the best scene but the best model rough fucker yes —> Daniel is fucking awesome top guy!!! He is just great and maybe that is the best bottom for him, Lane was just perfect knows how to take it, know how to blow it … just awesome cant want anything more

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