daniel fucks manny at sean cody

Daniel & Manny: From The Sexual Wilderness To Raunchy Town

Dirty, nasty, and raunchy is where both Manny and Daniel wanted to go at Sean Cody. That is where they went. They just took the long road this time.

Part of Daniel’s sexual charisma as one of the best tops at Sean Cody is his ability to read his partner and their situation and push until he gets the most of both.

Think the road head that turned daylight, public fuck with Lane last time. Or seeing how his dirty talk made Blake piggier and piggier and not stopping until preppy, manly blonde Blake was oinking like a sex pup in a backroom. One caveat here. Today’s dirty talk didn’t work. No bueño.

daniel fucks manny sean cody
Manny laid out the situation today. He wanted to be blindfolded, ass up and taken. This appears to have left Daniel taken back. He looks like someone who was wandering in the kitchen for a cup of coffee and an apple slice for breakfast and was told to sit down for Thanksgiving dinner.

daniel fucks manny at sean cody
In other words, it was forced. They didn’t navigate there organically which is when Daniel really makes things happen. They do get there though. Once they do, it’s a showcase how continually raunchy things can get.

daniel fucks manny sean cody
About eight minutes in, Daniel is sitting on Manny face while Daniels finger’s Manny hole. A few minutes later, Daniel is in Manny’s ass while having Manny lick the fingers clean that were just in his own ass. Then a quick ATM break and then Manny sits on Daniel’s cock for more.

A rapid-fire change of positions. resulting in Manny on his back, firing his first load that lands between his pecs. Daniel cums all over Manny’s hole, does a double jab creampie dip then feeds Manny back that coated cock. Daniel leans over and they kiss as he scoops up the rest of his cream from Manny’s hole and Manny plays finger-licking good to the second time and eats it up. Dirty boys.

daniel fucks manny at sean cody
Onto round number two. A sideways fuck with more finger sucking leads to riding which leads Manny’s second load. Daniel stands, it’s ATM turned blowjob turned facial.

Then Daniel licks his considerable load off Manny’s face and drops a jizz bomb back into Manny’s mouth, still thirsty for recycled cum.

[Watch “Manny & Daniel: Bareback” at Sean Cody]

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