dante colle fucks trent king bareback

Dante Colle Takes Trent King For The Ultimate Lube Job

What happens when you shoot your load but your dick still isn’t done? Simple. You use it as lube and keep on fucking. Twice.

“Cumming twice is something I have always been able to do,” Dante Colle told us when we sat down with him on the set of “No Vacancy” from NakedSword Originals.

We didn’t include that in our “5 Things You Don’t Know About Me: Dante Colle” since Dante has shown that unique ability more than once.

We have seen Trent King both giving and receiving. Correction, we have seen how stunning Trent King in everything he does.

dante colle fucks trent king barebackBut there’s something about the freedom performers feel at GuysInSweatpants (GiSP) that always gets the most out of them – or into them as the case may be. Last time we saw Trent there, he was topping Liam Cyber. As for Dante, he said one of his most favorite scenes was when he flipped with Austin Wilde. We couldn’t agree more.

dante colle fucks trent king barebackEver in the mood for someone to just pull up on their motorcycle, make you stop whatever you’re doing, and bareback you over his bike? That’s what Dante did to Trent, and it was fucking great. We were mid-story about one of Trent’s gym hookups when Dante rode up, but he didn’t seem to mind the interruption considering what was about to go down. Trent’s 10″ cock swings around as Dante grabs onto his hips from behind, and pounds his hole doggy style.”

dante colle fucks trent king barebackSo much for the “rule” that to the biggest dick goes the hole.

dante colle fucks trent king barebackOne of the hallmarks of a hot scene is when you can’t tell who is enjoying what happenings more. Today is definitely a draw.

dante colle fucks trent king bareback“Dante unloaded his first load with Trent on his back, and they used his cum as lube as they kept fucking. Once Trent busted his load, they used his cum as lube too, and Dante busted his second nut all over and inside Trent’s already cum covered hole.”

[Watch Trent & Dante in “Dante Double Loads Trent” at GuysInSweatpants]


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