darin silvers fucks leo fuentes

Hacking For Dick

It was just a little poking around behind a corporate firewall and next thing you know, the Feds are cumming.

“Hacker” premieres today from Men.com and unlike yesterday, no premise detention today. Darin Silvers plays the Federal agent dispatched to bring the “Hacker”, played by Leo Fuentes, down to headquarters. What Leo gets down to his first is his knees. Then on his back.

Justice will have to wait. The only thing that gets liberated today is two big loads.

darin silvers fucks leo fuentesDarin Silvers isn’t a little twink anymore. Even though today is not the day, it’s time for him to get that beefy ass fucked again. I’m glad he deleted his beard too. He’s looking pretty fine.

darin silvers fucks leo fuentesLetting the hair on the sides of his head, and especially his brows, take a vacation from the trimmers was an overdue move on Leo Fuentes part. And a very successful one. He looks fantastic today, like a Cybersocket Web Award nominee for Best Newcomer should.

darin silvers fucks leo fuentesLeo learned something else today: you can’t cntrl+alt+delete away a load when it’s been fucked out of you no what matter what a good “Hacker” you are.

[Watch Leo Fuentes & Darin Silvers in “Hacker”]

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1 thought on “Hacking For Dick”

  1. leo fuentes is a good blowjobber and bottom and cute but the lack of kissing made me turn away from men.horrible a long time ago

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