dato foland fucks xl

XL & Dato Foland: Are They Fucking Or Dating?

XL bottoms. Dato Foland tops. And since Men.com only injects a little romance every five years or so, XL and Dato make the most of it. And each other.

After a rough break-up, XL finds himself with a broken heart and a hungry hole. He goes on a date hoping to cure the former.

One look at the green-eyed goodness that is Dato Foland, it’s not Italian that’s winds up on the menu, but in deep inside XL.

dato foland fucks xl
XL’s first big prime time fuck was nailing the great Dane, Logan Moore for Hot House, and it was obvious where his stage name came from. Most recently at Men.com, XL ““Fury” to Alex Mecum as “Captain America” showed us just how hot those strong, hairy legs of XL’s look up in the air.

dato foland fucks xl
“Sucks” today is a verb, not a adjective. Filmed across the pond in letterbox format and directed by Alter Sin, this opener of “Discover” looks more like a first date than a first scene.

dato foland fucks xl
Dato Foland’s hot cock slides right in, hand free, all the way to his balls.

dato foland fucks xl
Both interracial and international at the same time, Dato and XL pleasure each other in a touchy-feely encounter that takes it’s time and in the end, produces loads like this. And since this is just the first scene, we have got a lot more yet to “Discover”.

[Watch XL & Dato Foland in “Discover” scene one]

I would love to see more of XL. Do you prefer him on pitching or catching?

4 thoughts on “XL & Dato Foland: Are They Fucking Or Dating?”

  1. romance? They hardly kiss and when they did it was soo fuck’n bad mainly coz of Foland.
    XL is a great kisser and at least he tried but no electricity, XL has Always been a perfect bottom but should trim his beard more, overkill of hair

    1. “Ghetto porn”? You mean the scenes he does with other black guys? His “ghetto” work has way more chemistry than whatever this was. Not only was the kissing a fail, Dato couldn’t even keep hard.

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