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Mitch Vaughn Shows David Benjamin Home Is Where The Hard Is

David Benjamin has finally settled into his new job, his new home and his new life in “Silverlake”. There was just one piece missing – and it belongs to Mitch Vaughn.

His former boss from has now set up a Super PAC and now his campaign manager Mark Rollins (TitanMen exclusive David Benjamin) has moved on as well.

“Silverlake” began where “Cauke for President” ended. Now that too is coming to a close.

david benjamin mitch vaughn titanmenWhere his Mark Rollins character begins and David Benjamin ends is almost impossible to define. He inhabited the role with an Oscar-worthy passion and funneled that all into a sexual expression uniquely his.

david benjamin mitch vaughn titanmenOn his first stop, he got spit-roasted by Dallas Steele and Vinnie Stefano. Next, he got an inside ginger snap from Bennett Anthony. Last time, David’s ass turned Micah Brandt into a raging top who left him with a busted hole. Today, it’s Mitch Vaughn who picks up the pieces and makes sure everything, and everyone, cums together.

david benjamin mitch vaughn titanmenA glass of wine, a kiss, and it’s on. David’s tongue plays ring-a-ding-ding with Mitch’s guiche. But once Mitch’s tongue snakes its way into David’s hole, his dick can’t get up there fast enough.

david benjamin mitch vaughn titanmenThe passionate beginning fades to a primal pounding as Mitch slams his thick dick all the way home.

david benjamin mitch vaughn titanmenDavid’s cock is leaking and twirling as he takes a long, hard ride. Moving to the floor, Mitch invades David’s hole alternating from face to face to leaning back for extra thrusting. David erupts all over his hairy abs then Mitch adds a “Silverlake” of his own.

[Watch David Benjamin & Mitch Vaughn in “Silverlake” scene four at TitanMen]

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