dean and sean at sean cody

It’s Watermelon Season

Yes, Memorial Day Weekend is back and at Sean Cody, so is Sean. Despite how sexy a bearded Dean looks and some casting coups lately, will these two in a flip be the first belly flop of the summer?

[UPDATED] Folks, it isn’t perfect but it’s a lot closer to it than many of their recent scenes have been. The first five minutes of BTS is predictably inane so just skip to the action. In addition to a new set, Sean got hard and stayed hard. Ditto for Dean. Dean didn’t stay exactly quiet but that’s an easy fix. I will say this for Dean, he got an impressive amount of Sean’s cock down his throat and then rode Sean’s dick like a champ, rock hard the “hole” time. Good cumshots from both of them after round one too.

Round two is Sean’s turn to bottom. Watermelon boy sure can ride a cock. The misstep here is with the creampie – they don’t capture it clearly which is a drag. As close as Sean was to cumming, they should have been ready. Still, at the end of the day, a good scene and a more than fappable one.

dean and sean at sean cody
It’s all about casting. Dean with Robbie, off the charts. But with Dean and Randy, they were both on the macho trip: no kissing, no sucking, no rimming and no thank you.

dean and sean at sean cody
Clearly, that was not an issue today. In fact, Dean seems downright cock hungry. As if that wasn’t enough, what better way to shut down Dean’s over-the-top vocals than by filling his mouth with a big dick like Sean’s.

dean and sean at sean cody
That worked out well. As we know, Sean needs the fluffing. Sean looks like he’s concentrating almost painfully hard on staying hard. At least in the trailer, that hard work is paying off with a hard dick.

Speaking of which, check out Dean’s piece thwapping up and down mad hard.

dean and sean at sean cody
Then they flip for round two. For all his issues topping, Sean is one capable bottom. While he’s crab riding Dean like this, more than once did he have to push Dean’s away to keep from shooting. Looking forward to seeing tonight what happens he finally blows that nut.

[Watch “Sean & Dean: Bareback” at Sean Cody]

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