dean monroe fucks liam riley

Dean Monroe Is A Living Work Of Art

When we close the book of the gay porn world of 2017, a highlight will be the long-awaited return of Dean Monroe. And while Easter may a ways off, today, along with Liam Riley, is the second cumming.

Dean Monroe. Not only did he return in 2017, he did so looking hotter than ever in one of the movies of the year, “Earthbound – Heaven to Hell 2” for Falcon.

But today, it’s CockyBoys who lures him back. And since they paired him with another sexy site for sore eyes, Liam Riley, no wonder Dean shoots not one, but two loads.

dean monroe fucks liam rileyThe Schwules Museum in Germany is one of the few museums dedicated to LGBT history, art, and culture. That’s where Liam Riley runs into Dean Monroe one fateful late afternoon. While the guys were “busy”, the museum closed, locking them in for the night. Fortunately, they have each other. Literally.

dean monroe fucks liam rileyLet’s just say this: life imitating art has never been so hot.

dean monroe fucks liam rileyAfter they enjoy some champagne that Liam pilfered from the bar they make the most out of their all-night dilemma, Dean set out to enjoy every inch of Liam.

dean monroe fucks liam rileyBy the timethey made it to the to the “Porn That Way” exhibition, they generated more than enough heat, and cum, not to notice the lights went out hours ago. And that was before the afterglow.

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If you could play casting director, who would you pair Dean Monroe with next?

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