DeAngelo Jackson, Michael Boston

DeAngelo Jackson & Michael Boston Deliver The Most Ass-Tastic Scene Of The Year

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, then you know it’s no secret that I firmly believe that Falcon Studios star Tayler Tash has the best ass in the entire gay porn industry. I even posted something to this blog with the headline “I’m Ready To Say That Tayler Tash Has The Absolute Best Ass In The Industry” to spread the love of his absolutely massive butt!

Now that being said, while I still have a strong belief that Tayler’s ass simply can’t be beat, I think that this just-released Raging Stallion scene may be filled with enough booty to make me possibly reconsider some things.

The new vid acts as the latest episode from SCRUM Balls to the Wall and sees the studio debut of Noir Male Exclusive DeAngelo Jackson as he takes to the locker room showers to play some grab ass with Michael Boston and later dominate his famous backside.

While Michael is definitely known for having one of the best cakes out there (his ass was once described as a Ford F-150) and while his ass is definitely at a 100 during this vid, this scene’s real draw are the extra thick cheeks and thighs of DeAngelo as he mounts and drills down Michael in the middle of their rugby team’s locker room.

Overall, this vid is just a big booty lover’s dream and we’re so happy that DeAngelo was able to hop over from Noir Male for this special occasion and show off his perfect body in his Raging Stallion debut. Now we just have to pray that some studio out there is going to find a way to cast DeAngelo Jackson, Michael Boston, and Tayler Tash in a threesome together and create what will absolutely be the best bubble butt scene of all time.

So what do you think of this new SCRUM scene? Who is your favorite big booty porn star? Sound off in the comments below with all your perverted bubble butt thoughts and be sure to catch this entire bareback scene right now at Raging Stallion.

[Watch ‘SCRUM Balls to the Wall’ ft. DeAngelo Jackson & Michael Boston]


7 thoughts on “DeAngelo Jackson & Michael Boston Deliver The Most Ass-Tastic Scene Of The Year”

  1. i love Michael’s ass. .. could eat & fuck it for hours. But he seems very boring & robotic in all his scenes. I think he needs a REALLY big cock for us to hear some genuine squealing. I wonder what his scene with Rocco was like…..

  2. They both are lame. Sorry but loss all feelings towards DeAngelo a while ago. Michael is not hot whatsoever. This is a clear pass

  3. Ooooh, I love DeAngelo’s hair! Not a fan of Boston… but DeAngelo takes care of my needs. Handsome with a stellar body, ass and cock!

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