Jesse Bolton, Johnny Rapid, Cyrus Stark

‘Dear Lord, Let Us Pray We Don’t Break This Bottom!’

Twinks Jesse Bolton and Cyrus Stark want to be taken care of by Johnny Rapid, and he’s happy to oblige by letting them share his cock in both of their holes as their naughty trip to NakedSword’s Lake Need continues!

After a night of gathering firewood, naked sunbathing and cooking dinner for their friends on the boat, blond Jesse Bolton and bud Cyrus Stark notice that Johnny has been pulling most of the weight. When they see Johnny fishing off the back of the boat, they join him with hopes to make him happy for all his hard work.”You want me to take care of you guys?” he asks in his laid-back, chill accent.

Jesse Bolton, Johnny Rapid, Cyrus Stark

Jesse Bolton, Johnny Rapid, Cyrus Stark

With Johnny’s fishing pole in the water, he pulls out his dick and incites a cock sucking frenzy between Jesse and Cyrus, who fight for a taste of Johnny’s pole (“I’ll take good care of you two!”). The subservient cuties bring out the alpha in Johnny, who shoves Jesse’s head down on his cock as Cyrus then eats out Jesse’s smooth hole.

Jesse Bolton, Johnny Rapid, Cyrus Stark Jesse Bolton, Johnny Rapid, Cyrus Stark

Now that Jesse’s ass is lubed up, he climbs on top and Johnny fucks hard up into him—and gets some ass-slapping attitude from he top, who also pulls in Cyrus for a kiss. In a great sequence, a moaning Jesse 69s with Cyrus while Johnny fucks Jesse bareback from behind.

Jesse Bolton, Johnny Rapid, Cyrus Stark

Jesse Bolton, Johnny Rapid, Cyrus Stark

Johnny then switches holes and plants his cock deep into Cyrus, who gets stuffed at both ends. The hot climax has both Cyrus and Jesse getting on their knees to let Johnny shoot his wad on both of them!

See the full scene at NakedSword!

5 thoughts on “‘Dear Lord, Let Us Pray We Don’t Break This Bottom!’”

  1. What is with aging pornstars? Rapid was always a bottom .known for being a bottom but now cause age is creeping up he becomes tries bein* the big macho top that doesn’t take dick anymore.hahahaha! Just like Diego sans acts now as if he has never been fucked up the arse.
    I have respect for tops like Paddy O’Brien and Alex Mecum who changed from tops to being versatile. Not the ones that decide to keep popular and change to tops or try bottoming and act as if they are being tortured. Grow up you tops ….. I know a lot of bottoms that are more manly and butch than half the girlie acting ones like Diego sans .

  2. Really bizarre that Naked Sword thought it was a good idea to have Johnny Rapid only top in multiple scenes in this DVD.

  3. Im not into twinks but their has always been something about Johnny Rapid thats just so damn sexy. Its still strange seeing him top but I like his country boy attitude.

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