Deep Voice Duo: Jayden Marcos Offers His Ass to Derek Kage

Sexy Derek Kage has been killing it recently—literally, as his performance as a demented rideshare driver in Raging Stallion’s Overdrive has shown (his hot flip with Paul Wagner is to die for!). But if Derek is a little too scary in that thriller, may we recommend a cute romantic comedy as a nice antidote?

Enter the concluding chapter in Next Door’s three-chapter “feature” Changes, which debuted with a hot threeway and now ends when Jayden Marcos returns to the home he just sold and befriends new owner Derek. If you missed this a few weeks ago, check it out—if nothing more than to see two of the hottest-voiced performers in the industry together (I couldn’t have picked two sexier voices myself!).

Jayden Marcos, Derek Kage Jayden Marcos, Derek Kage

Jayden Marcos, Derek Kage

Turns out Jayden left a dildo there by mistake (we’ve all been there!), which leads to an awkward first impression that quickly grows into a friendship—the two performers’ amazing chemistry together making this scene worth the watch before the clothes even come off. Typical of scenes in the Next Door Films line, this is a story-based effort (it clocks in at 56 minutes) that taps into the acting abilities of its performers.

Jayden Marcos, Derek Kage Jayden Marcos, Derek Kage

Jayden Marcos, Derek Kage

And then when the clothes finally do come off, we get a scorcher as they swap sucks (love seeing Derek slurp that big dick!) before Jayden bends over and offers up his ass (in one of his bottom-only scenes…yeah I wish it was a flip, too!). Whose voice do you think is sexier?

See the full scene at Next Door!


11 thoughts on “Deep Voice Duo: Jayden Marcos Offers His Ass to Derek Kage”

  1. Jayden Marcos has that All-American beauty that sparks immediate sympathy. Derek Kage is attractive, but he should think before making certain unpleasant comments. I don’t understand why these two handsome guys wanted to ruin their bodies with tattoos.

  2. Looks like hot Derek is not just the new owner of Jayden’s house but also the owner of beautiful and sexy Jayden as well.

    1. Big Gay Anti-Tattoo Andy

      And I’d be happy if Derek AND Jayden got all of those big fat ugly tattoos removed!!!


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