Derek Kage, Serg Shepard

Derek Kage Heads To The Pleasure Center With Serg Shepard

There’s a brand new horny stud taking a step inside of NakedSword’s Release Room! After weeks of watching fuckers like Falcon | NakedSword Exclusives Max Konnor and Beau Butler hire some hole, it’s now Derek Kage’s turn to get off.

For this new NakedSword Originals scene, Derek is walking into this den of sin with a mission to unload. After selecting Serg Shepard as his fuck of the night, the two head deep into the glowing Pleasure Room of the hidden NYC sex kingdom where Derek strips off his suit and begins using Serg’s holes to his liking.

This is just one of the many scenes we’ve recently seen from tattooed porn performer Derek. Just last week, the versatile star appeared in the second scene of Raging Stallion’s Guilty As Sin where he could be seen flip-fucking Beau Butler. In another just-released flip-fuck, Derek swapped positions with Ethan Sinns for Falcon Studios and gave his foreskin a nice tug.

As for Serg, we just wrote up a whole post about him the other day when it was announced that the hot twunk was becoming the latest exclusive model for Carnal Media, the company behind sites like Gaycest and FunSizeBoys. So that being said, it looks like this is going to be Serg’s last NakedSword scene for a while since he’ll be a little too occupied filming content for the Carnal+ crew.

Take a look below at some more preview shots of an insatiable Derek using Serg in this new Release Room scene and be sure to let us know what you think of this bareback pairing down in the comments:

Let us know what you think of this new scene down in the comments and if you want to see even more from this vid, be sure to watch the entire hookup right now over at NakedSword!

[Watch ‘Release Room’ ft. Derek Kage & Serg Shepard]


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