derrick dime michael del ray nextdoorraw

Derrick Dime Goes Raw & Deep In Michael Del Ray

Thankfully, all the gay porn cliches NextDoorRaw manages to inject in this scene disappear when Derrick Dime injects Michael Del Ray with his big, bare, dick.

As if the “The Wedding Planner” series at NextWorldDoor wasn’t offensive enough, NextDoorRaw manages to up the ante. Haunting memories of being forced to fuck a dude and cheating on your spouse and inviting another partnered “first-timer” to feel as bad about gay sex as you do is not sexy.

The fast forward button makes that go away to what is really worth seeing here: the story of Derrick’s big dick and Michael’s hot ass.

derrick dime michael del ray nextdoorraw
“Arousing Memories” is a perfect example of what NextDoorRaw doesn’t get. Instead of wasting time with insipid plots and the styling of Michael’s pompadour, pay attention to taking clear shots of the penetration and keeping the model’s hands out of the way so we can see what you are all about, bareback fucking.

Seeing Derrick’s fat cock stretching Michael’s ass is a lot more important than making sure Derrick is wearing a prop wedding ring.

derrick dime michael del ray nextdoorraw
Five minutes in, story time is over and we’re treated to Derrick Dime’s handsome face as he takes an impressive amount of Michael’s long, thick cock.

derrick dime michael del ray nextdoorraw
While this is not how a “first-timer” rides any cock much less one like Derricks’, it sure doesn’t spoil the visual. Giddyup, Michael and atta boy.

derrick dime michael del ray nextdoorraw
Michael rides himself to a nut that blasts Derrick all the way to his shoulders. Then the ATM Michael gives Derrick next has Derrick sending his load even farther.

[Watch Michael Del Ray and Derrick Dime in “Arousing Memories”]

3 thoughts on “Derrick Dime Goes Raw & Deep In Michael Del Ray”

    1. I hate that Im so into D. Dime because he so cliched, but I cant help it. Everytime I see him I just want to rim him deep and suck the nut out his dick.

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