Devin Franco, Max Lorde

Devin Franco & Max Lorde Kick Off New ‘Influencer’ Flick

It’s all about social media influencers over at Falcon! The gay porn studio just dropped its debut scene from Under the Influencer, a new movie from director Steve Cruz that’s all about horny content creators as they discover each and every way to possibly monetize their horned-up bodies on the internet.

For the first scene in this bareback film, Falcon is focusing on Max Lorde as he’s getting fired from his day job for being too focused on his web-centric lifestyle. When company courier Devin Franco comes to pick up Max’s laptop in the middle of one of the influencer’s livestreams, Devin gets more than he bargained for as Max’s followers immediately demand to see the two muscle men get naked and fuck on the livestream. Lucky for us and Max’s fans, a curious Devin quickly complies with their horny requests and soon we’re watching the courier’s cock disappear inside of Max’s smooth hole. Take a look below at some of the hot jock action:

In addition to this scene, other scenes in this new Falcon movie are set to feature stars like Max Konnor, Luca del Rey, Andre Donovan, Evan Knoxx, Shane Cook, Zario Travezz and Luke Truong. Devin Franco is even set to return for a bareback threesome that sees him using his girthy slab of meat to raw both Evan Knoxx and Zario Travezz. Be sure to check back here as we update you with every new Under the Influencer scene as they drop on Falcon.

So what do you think of this new scene with Devin and Max? Are there any internet influencers that you would fuck if given the chance? Have you ever fucked on a live stream? Would you ever?! Sound off in the comments below with your hot thoughts and be sure to watch this entire hookup right now over on Falcon Studios!

[Watch ‘Under the Influencer’ w/ Devin Franco & Max Lorde]


2 thoughts on “Devin Franco & Max Lorde Kick Off New ‘Influencer’ Flick”

  1. I’ve grown tired of Devon and even newcomer Max, but this scene was oddly sexy. Maybe it’s the playfulness or chemistry but I actually enjoyed it

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