Pierce Paris

Dick In a Box, The Sequel: Who Is Pierce Paris Pounding?

An absurd gay porn scenario punctuated by an unwanted obnoxious woman being load and making exaggerated facial expressions? Welcome to yet another edition of As The Men.com World Turns, which this time visits a gallery for some cum-temporary art (get it?!).

I don’t know about you, but I want my glory holes to be scuzzy and unhealthy—adorned with graffiti, duct tape and splinters, please! The glory hole (or make that glory box) in this gallery is a little too happy for my tastes, but that doesn’t stop it from attracting the attention (and the cock) of a patron that the porn world hasn’t seen much of recently (in fact, until his New Year’s Eve scene last December on Men.com, he had been away from studio porn for over a year). Who is it? Can you recognize his mouth?

Pierce Paris Pierce Paris, Paul Canon

It’s Paul Canon (one of our favorite gay porn mermen), looking super cute in his glasses! He’s there with his clueless girlfriend, and when he’s left alone and notices a mouth beckoning for nourishment through the hole in the abstract art, he takes out his very hot cock to stuff it in.

Pierce Paris, Paul Canon Pierce Paris, Paul Canon

On the other side is security guard Pierce Paris, who clearly isn’t very dedicated to his job. After a sneaky blowjob, Pierce takes his turn poking his big cock through another hole for Paul to stroke, and then it’s Paul’s turn to get into the art and put his ass against the hole so Pierce can fuck it.

Pierce Paris, Paul Canon Pierce Paris, Paul Canon

Pierce rims the bottom, and Paul then exits the box to ride the hung top before getting it doggy and missionary (on those airport terminal seats we see all the damn time at the studio!). After Pierce shoots his load, Paul uses the top’s jizz as lube to, as Men.com proudly proclaims, “make some Jackson Pollock-style art of his own!” What do you think of Paul’s return and Men.com’s crazy antics-filled scene?

See the full scene at Men.com!


2 thoughts on “Dick In a Box, The Sequel: Who Is Pierce Paris Pounding?”

  1. I really don’t know what Men.com is trying to achieve or go for with putting these women in their porn scenes. It’s like they’re writing scenes around the ideas of where to put these women. Is it sexy to have an audience? Sometimes. When it’s just a straight woman that looks like your Mom, Aunt or Grandmother or is even playing that role? No. Not at all. In fact it ruins the scene completely. Quit trying to recreate the “not in front of my salad” monent. It was a one time thing. Just stop. It’s ruining what would otherwise be hot scenes and pairings.

  2. Universal Potentate

    Huh. I wish Paul stayed in the box.
    I mean, he’s gorgeous but the scene lost its mystique.

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