diego sans fucks chris harder

Chris Harder Does A Scene With Diego Sans … & His Sister

The gay porn family feud just got real.

Usually, the gay porn family feud is more like “Secrets & Lies”, it begins and ends with the male relations. Leave it to Men.com eh? Credited as Dora Sans, Diego’s sis adds a brief, but pretty hilarious touch to “Only in Secret”.

As for Chris Harder and Diego Sans, they provide the hair, the cock, and the cum. And plenty of each.

This ain’t Dora’s first time at the rodeo.
diego sans fucks chris harderHer first cameo was in “Stealth Fuckers Part 8” with Diego and Paul Canon.

diego sans fucks chris harderToday’s scene is like mats of hair on Diego and Chris: lush and visually stunning. Like any Marc MacNamara and Diego Sans collaboration, in addition to something new, in today’s case, the flying-buttress hummer, the esthetics along with everything else is very on point. Just like the sex.

diego sans fucks chris harderTypical Men.com fare. Diego is *wink wink* straight but becomes suddenly less so with the right inspiration. In this case, that would be Chris Harder.

diego sans fucks chris harderFrom the oral to the anal, and unlike Chris’ holes, your fast forward button will get a rest today too. Chris rides himself to a huge nut that pelts down on Diego’s chest. And while I never tire of a now patented Diego Sans epic facial, today he fires his load up and into Chris’ fur. Chris doesn’t waste a drop.

[Watch Chris Harder, Dora Sans & Diego Sans in “Only in Secret” at Men.com

Though I think it worked today, I am generally not a big fan of female roles in gay porn. What about you?

7 thoughts on “Chris Harder Does A Scene With Diego Sans … & His Sister”

  1. Callitlikeiseeit

    This is the best, it rings true! Dora plays the perfect chubby plain Jane airhead “beard” right down to the bad fashion sense the cottage cheese thighs, ass “and yes those arms lol” plus the naieve gulible attitude! What homegirl dosen’t know won’t hurt her lmfao!

  2. I think that Dora Sans plays the oblivious ditsy thick armed wife very well but she does need to loose those horrible boots lol

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