diego sans tobias tarzan gay

Haters To The Left. There’s Nothing For You To Trash In “Tarzan”

How hot the first Diego Sans’ scene in “Tarzan” is sends a two-word message to all of the parody trolls and Diego haters out there: Fuck You.

Let’s be clear. It’s not just how hot Diego Sans’ hairy body looks dripping wet in a loincloth. Or the lush Costa Rican rainforest. Or the magic that always happens when Marc MacNamara is directing Diego Sans. Or even camera work that defies the confines ordinarily experienced on blue screen. It’s that they all come together under a waterfall to to support the incredible sexual dynamics of the scene.

diego sans tobias tarzan gay
Tobias, so smooth in total contrast to Diego, is sexy as fuck as the wayward westerner. The whole “Me Tarzan” bit? Props to MacNamara again. He handles the scene with a deft, light-hearted approach. That means the humorous aspect of a parody makes its first true appearance in gay porn while advancing the plot for the real reason we’re here.

diego sans tobias tarzan gay
Great as it looks to us, I’m sure the jungle was anything but an air-conditioned studio scene centered on a fluffy mattress and plenty of electric outlets. Just saying. Mission accomplished as we’d never know that looking at the condition of these dicks.

diego sans tobias tarzan gay
As for this, I have no words.

diego sans tobias tarzan gay
Even after a decade plus working in porn, this was one of those rare times that made me forget what I do for a living and just become a fan again. Tobias and Diego are not just into the scene, they are into each other on a deep passionate level. That is enhanced by the setting and completed with Tobias on the receiving end of a Diego Sans facial as epic as the overall production itself.

[Watch Tobias & Diego Sans in “Tarzan A Gay XXX Parody Part 2”]

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  3. The effort going into men.com’s parodies is actually impressive.

    Hop skip and a jump away from original programming…..please keep going…….

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    1. you knew there would be a condom, you obviously don’t like them, so why’d you watch other than to have something to complain about?

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