diesel wasgington and tyler rush

Bad Seed By The Mouthful

“I just speak my mind, do what I gotta do, fuck the shit out of some bottoms … if you don’t like it … hey, I’m not fucking you, right?”

I know what you’re thinking, “Hell no, Diesel Washington isn’t fucking me.” I am also willing to bet something else. Once you see how he fucks Tyler Rush today, you will wish you were next despite yourself. Diesel is a very divisive character. For him, “Fuck You I’m Infamous” isn’t just a movie title from NakedSword Originals, it’s how he speaks, lives, and fucks.

diesel wasgington and tyler rush
Diesel Washington is too often cast as thug. They missed the boat completely. Diesel is no do-rag wearing hood rat. What he is is a sexual predator. When he finds willing prey, he repurposes their bodies as vessels for pleasure. His and theirs. Today, he does that to Tyler Rush.

diesel wasgington and tyler rush
At first, Tyler Rush looks and sounds like an actor from a Disney show that somehow wound up on a porn set. The truth is, “fetish” is his middle name. He’s a dirty sex pup wrapped up in a vanilla twunk’s clothing who craves being man handled. His cravings are more than satisfied today. Much more.

diesel wasgington and tyler rush
Diesel is in full control of every part of Tyler’s Rush body, including his air way. He extracts enough spit strands from Tyler’s mouth for two football teams to hang their laundry on.

A “flying fuck” combined with a mid-air sit-and spin. What would that even look like? Just like this.

diesel wasgington and tyler rush
Diesel jacks Tyler’s load out him while slamming his ass. Then Diesel’s tongue goes swimming in Tyler’s cum until it’s time to feed Tyler back enough of his own seed it drips down his chin.

diesel wasgington and tyler rush
And that was just the first time Tyler’s has a mouthful in “Fuck You I’m Infamous”. The second is when Diesel’s uses his greedy mouth for a DNA test.

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Because infamy Never Takes a Holiday …

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6 thoughts on “Bad Seed By The Mouthful”

  1. I don’t know what it is, but everytime I see a Diesel Washington scene I can’t help but think of rape. I know it’s consensual and all that, but he’s such a violent top that it makes me uncomfortable.

    1. If he’s your least favorite performer why did you read this post other then just to be a fucking troll. Shut your ugly mouth and go away.

  2. hey Diesel, I think your grumbling is hot….only wish we´d get to see more of your sweet smooth ass. hope you bottom some time soon or how about spreading those cheeks for the camera. If you want to grumble while doing so, please go ahead

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