dillans first fuck sean cody

Big Jess Pops Dillan’s Cherry

Between the teasing tweets & videos Sean Cody sent all week, we were ready for Jess to make Dillan’s cherry go poof. The question is, was Dillan ready for a dick that big?

Our boy Dillan. Now in unfamiliar territory today, his acquired confidence has receded and we’re back to Dillan the Goof as when we first met him.

But something we haven’t seen before on Dillan: he could be the poster boy for ProActive for the glutes. That proved to be an omen for the day. Timing is everything.

Opening yack yack serves as background for asides from mostly Dillan on what’s about to go down with a cameo by Jess. Then it right to the bedroom for a lip lock turned hummer that takes Jess’ cock from condo to condominium as Jess wrangles Dillian’s jeans down to free his ass.

This turns first into a sixty-nine, then a rimksy-nine. Then before the 5:30 mark, Dillan gets up, turns around, and aims his hole for his initial descent onto Jess’ mighty tower. “It’s so fucking big,” Dillan says before it’s in as Jess rubs his shaft up and down Dillan’s hole.

dillans first fuck sean codyWe don’t see the point of entry but a cut to the reveals Jess is about halfway in. A back view is next and Jess is gingerly trying to work in the rest of his shaft into Dillan. He’s having a bit of a tough time taking it, but carries on nonetheless.

dillans first fuck sean cody“Fuck, that ass is so tight,” states Jess as he removes his cock, gives it a couple of strokes and beautifully explodes perhaps a bit earlier than planned. It’s caught perfectly, however, and Dillan resumes his riding as Jess’ cum clings to his ass. To hear Jess tell it, he also dumps the last of his stragglers inside Dillan.

dillans first fuck sean codyThrough the magic of editing, we get a brief overhead shot of missionary where we see Dillan hard for the first time today with Jess inside him. Another cut and Dillan pops load number one. If I was a betting man, I would say Jess was behind him, yes, but in him, no. But Dillan’s new at this – we’ll cut him some slack.

dillans first fuck sean codySince we don’t call Jess “The Human Cum Machine” for nothing, he straddles Dillan and fires off his second load. Another gusher. He wipes some up, feeds it to Dillan, gets his cock ATM’d. And round.

dillans first fuck sean codyRound two begins in the den with Dillan bent over and Jess rimming him. This becomes padding for the scene as it goes on and on. Finally, Jess stands up and while we miss the point of entry again, we cut to standing doggie in progress. We got one brief undercarriage shor before Jess pushes him onto the couch.

dillans first fuck sean codyMore like pushes him off the couch as Jess gets into position for piledriver. Jess plunges right in and we get the best pole in hole footage of the day. Dillan is a good soldier here but despite his quells of delight, there’s clearly pain registering in his voice and on his face.

dillans first fuck sean codyJess helps by stroking Dillan’s recalcitrant cock and pumps him to load number two which we can actually see this time. Unfortunately, we can all see that once again, Jess was behind but not in him. But Dillan hasn’t had an easy time today. He had that nut, no pun intended, cumming to him.

dillans first fuck sean codyJess pulls out and explodes gusher number three all over Dillan’s hole and taint and we get two views of it. He loads him home, stands to admire the gape he just created, then deposits his dick into Dillan’s mouth once again for easy cleanup. Some awkward kissing is a fitting end to an awkward scene.

dillans first fuck sean codyWhether he was either told or figured what to say as a bottom, his organic reactions reveal he wasn’t told what to do – namely stretch himself out to have an easier with a dick as big as Jess’. Jess was just too big for Dillan’s lack of experience.

dillans first fuck sean codyToday was about Dillan getting fucked for the first time on camera. The problem is, the amount of actual fucking we see in the entire scene today is less than we would usually get in one position which makes all of the hype they have been at all week unwarranted as best. Damn.

[Watch “Dillan & Jess: Bareback” at Sean Cody]

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Another take: see what John Tegan over at GayDailyHot has to say about this scene.

6 thoughts on “Big Jess Pops Dillan’s Cherry”

  1. boxEREbellion

    Maybe this wouldn’t have been such a fail if Sean Cody hadn’t spent the prior week telling us that was going to be so great. I fell for it even though I know better by know.

  2. I have long since tired of Jess’ top man only routine. The Studio should have required him to bottom a few times long ago.

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