Dillon Diaz, Chris Damned

Dillon Diaz Gets a Damned Hot Load All Over His Hole

What would you do if a motel guest was accidentally given your room? If they were hung Chris Damned, you’d bend the fuck over and let him plant his sexy scruffy face in your hole (that stubble has to feel good!).

Businessman Dillon Diaz ain’t no dummy. After checking in and hopping in the shower (where we can see he’s already horned up!), he makes the most of an initially awkward situation when he walks naked out of the shower to find that Chris Damned was given the same room. Chris can’t help put eye Dillon’s big boner, reaching for it as he convinces the stranger to go for it.

Dillon Diaz, Chris Damned Dillon Diaz, Chris Damned

Dillon gets between Chris’s legs and deep throats his uncut cock, gulping on it (“Nice dick man!”) as his mouth grazes Chris’s hot bush. Chris returns the favor, throwing Dillon on the bed and giving him a sopping wet hummer. Chris moves down to Dillon’s hole to feast on it (look how hard Dillon is!), getting the stranger to moan as he spits on it and they become more verbal, Chris slapping Dillon’s ass (“Tongue-fuck it…fuck yeah!“).

Dillon Diaz, Chris Damned Dillon Diaz, Chris Damned

Chris slides his raw meat into Dillon’s ass, the two kissing and staring into each other’s eyes as Dillon breathes deep (“Fucking huge!”). Dillon takes Chris’s bare cock on his back, jacking himself as he gets rammed. Dillon then flips over as he gets pinned to the mattress before he gets on top, continuing to stroke his rock-hard dick as Chris shoves his cock up in him. I mean, look at how hot that is…

Dillon Diaz, Chris Damned Dillon Diaz, Chris Damned

They go back to missionary, Chris pulling out and coating Dillon’s hole with his big white seed before shoving it back inside his new motel buddy (“Yeah, put it back inside me!”).  Dillon then strokes out his load all over his stomach to end the seedy anonymous encounter.

See the full scene at Raging Stallion!


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