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Dillon Diaz to Host IGTV Event to Celebrate Directorial Debut

Just days before his first scene as a director is released, the popular performer will be hosting a Noir Male live event on Instagram’s IGTV. Tune in Sunday, Mar. 21st at 11 a.m. PST/2 p.m. EST!

Earlier this year, we reported how Dillon Diaz had been named a Noir Male Brand Ambassador and was already working on writing and directing for the studio as it was making an effort to involve more men of color in all facets of production. To celebrate his debut scene (titled ‘The Gayborhood” and staring August Alexander and Zario Travezz, co-directed by Ricky Greenwood) before it releases Mar. 26th on NoirMale.com, the studio has scheduled an IGTV show on Instagram @OfficialNoirMale.

Here’s more on the event:

Diaz, who also wrote the scene, was featured in an EDGE Media Network article this week along with new Noir Male Creative Director NuEric to highlight the studio’s new initiatives. He told the magazine that Jon Blitt, the CEO of Mile High Media (Noir Male’s parent company,  “started having roundtable discussions with some of the guys who were regulars at Noir Male: Myself, Max Konnor, DeAngelo Jackson, and other guys. ‘What’s the experience been for you? What can we do to make it better?'”

Dillon Diaz, DeAngelo Jackson

As Noir Male’s Brand Ambassador, Diaz’s role offers him expanded duties in front of and behind the camera, enhancing the brand while writing, directing and starring in scenes to be released. Diaz lends his voice and perspective to the studio, engaging with the Noir Male audience, to truly representing men of color and their fantasies.

“It’s exciting knowing fans will see my first co-directed scene soon. The tease trailer is just that—at little tease of what they can fully enjoy when it releases on the 26th. But this is just the beginning–I’m back in the director’s chair for Noir Male in April and look forward to applying all I’ve learned.”

Here’s the teaser for the new scene that drops Friday:

Tune in Sunday at Mar. 21st at 11 a.m. PST/2 p.m. EST on IGTV, and to see more of Dillon, catch him now on Noir Male!

Dillon Diaz


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