dirk caber anthony london flip fuck titan

Real Men Kiss. And Fuck. And Flip.

Men don’t come much more real than Dirk Caber & Anthony London. And these two do cum. And in the process, give a lesson to the young ins’ how it’s done.

Not just the special snowflakes and last year’s graduating class; “2 Men Kiss” from TitanMen has schooled a few studios about one often overlooked, critical element in gay porn. When two hot gay men are equally hot for each other, there’s little hotter than shucking the script, their clothes, and simply letting them fuck the way they want to.

dirk caber anthony london flip fuck titanToday, it’s Dirk Caber & Anthony London doing just that. Visually, both Dirk and Anthony are fine looking, hairy, seasoned men who have worked past the expiration date afforded most porn stars. The reasons are simple: they put the fucking first and the filming second. And then TitanMen director Jasun Mark executes his role perfectly: he delivers it all to us.

dirk caber anthony london flip fuck titanThere’s another dynamic at play today that is also rare. Most typical “furry daddy and the fuckable son” scenarios require an inter-generational cast. Here, it’s a not a role from a script but a feeling from their loins. And those roles build and swap right along with the scene … and the action. Dirk figured out something early today that will come back into play: Anthony’s dick is hard-wired to his furry nips.

dirk caber anthony london flip fuck titanPhysically, sexually, and technically, there’s no room to hide when there’s a wall of mirrors showing everything from every angle.

dirk caber anthony london flip fuck titanWhen Anthony settles himself on Dirk’s dick for his ride to the finish, as you can see above, Dirk shows him exactly where his cum needs to land. And as you can see below, both of our men today have great aim. And then, these “2 Men Kiss”.

[Watch Dirk Caber & Anthony London in “2 Men Kiss” scene three]

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