Dirk Caber Fucks JD Phoenix at Icon Male and What’s That You Hear In The Background? Nothing!

As the Dean of Students, Dirk Caber was banging on doors to tell them to turn the music down. Icon Male must have listened as the only banging is done on JD Phoenix ass in Midnight Visit from the Dean in Schoolboy Fantasies 2.

To be sure, the narrative porn of Icon Male isn’t for everyone while up til now (pay attention Men.com and step away from the sound mixer) their choice in music has been for no one. Though Connor Maguire and Ian Levine in the opening scene was lad-on-lad action, this second scene reverts to their penchant for inter-generational plots as JD gets ‘dad-handled’ by Dirk.

Midnight Visit from the Dean opens with JD dozing off to lusty thoughts about Dean Dirk when fantasy becomes reality and Dean walks in the door, takes JD over his knees and spanks that pretty butt. Of course, then he needs to rim it and make it better.


















[Incon Male: Midnight Visit from the Dean – Schoolboy Fantasies 2]

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4 thoughts on “Dirk Caber Fucks JD Phoenix at Icon Male and What’s That You Hear In The Background? Nothing!”

  1. Ok I just watched the clip jesus if it was not for the slap there would be no sound. Caber was way into it more than Phoenix was. Phoenix likes his daddies as he has said before many times over but obviously not in this scene. Talk about boring.

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