BREAKING: Dirk Caber Is Getting Triple-Penetrated By His Stepsons In ‘Stepfather’s Secret Part 8’

In a porn move that is definitely physically awkward if not physically impossible for most, Dirk Caber will be getting three dicks up his ass at once in what I guess will be the new final installment of’s Stepfather’s Secret series, due out next week.

Like I was saying the other day, the brood of horny stepsons willing to fuck or get fucked by Dirk seems to keep growing, and in Part 7 of the series, which comes out tomorrow, original stepson Johnny Rapid comes home to find Dirk making out with his boyfriend Phenix Saint, and is all, “What about mom/me?!”

Anyway, as you might have guessed, a threeway happens, and Phenix gets a taste of Johnny’s ass like everyone else in the known universe has.

But then here’s the teaser we get from Part 8, which will be released October 24. Basically, has decided to go all out with this finale, getting the four models — Johnny, Dirk, Trevor Spade, and Asher Hawk — to perform that freak-show style feat of incredible sexual ingenuity called triple penetration. Yes, we all know Dirk’s hole can probably take it, but seriously, just arranging the bodies and keeping the dicks hard and flexible enough to do this is REALLY HARD. Which is why this is the great Haley’s Comet of gay porn, only it comes around more like once a year instead of every 75 years.

Way to go everyone. And just look at how Johnny has to bend his dick into practically a U-shape to make this happen.












[ Stepfather’s Secret Part 8 preview]


14 thoughts on “BREAKING: Dirk Caber Is Getting Triple-Penetrated By His Stepsons In ‘Stepfather’s Secret Part 8’”

  1. I liked the part best where Johnny, Asher and Trevor were bent over the couch, waiting for Dirk to fuck their beautiful plump white asses.

  2. I’m obsessed that someone who deliberately choose their porn name to be Dirk. I mean that is the porniest name I’ve ever heard apart from Brock Masters and Colton Ford.

  3. If this was a straight TP, dicks would be directly touching each other, instead of wrapped in latex. That just drains all the hotness out of this scene for me. How sad there is more dick rubbing in a “straight” porn than a gay one.

  4. As much as i love DP and TP, it’s a turnoff for me to see skinny twinks fuck a muscular hunk. Johnny will probably get TP’d soon, because by now you can even park a car in his ass (that’s how wide his hole is).

  5. As hot as I think TP is, and would love to try getting TP’d… I really think Johnny Rapid should be the one getting TP’d!!!!

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