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Dirk Caber “Auditions” Liam Knox With His Ass

The splash Liam Knox made in his debut scene last time is almost as a big as the splash of cum he fucks out of Dirk Caber today. That is after they demonstrate what a nearly perfect flip looks like.

Just like he did in his first scene on the blue screen with Dallas Steele, once again Liam Knox is giving us more reason to flip over him. When TitanMen snapped Liam Knox up as their latest exclusive, it was another smart move on the part of a company that has been making a lot of smart moves and very hot gay porn.

“Audition” is the title of their latest release. Liam has what it takes: The smile. The muscles. The dick. All he needs is that big break to get into the biz.

Liam is joined by fellow TitanMen exclusives Jesse Jackman and Dallas Steele with Dirk and Alex Mecum getting in on this flipping good time.

[Watch “Audition” at TitanMen]

The first scene debuted today with Dirk and Liam

dirk caber liam knox flip fuck titanmenLiam is taking his daily 10K when he jogs past Dirk. Dirk motions Liam to follow him to the back of the house. After all, these guys wouldn’t know how to fuck like experts if they didn’t cruise like experts first. Dirk grips the bulge in Liam’s shorts and sets it free. His face travels up to Liam’s pits, then his knees hit the pavement.

dirk caber liam knox flip fuck titanmenDirk’s expert hummer almost leaves Liam weak in the knees. But after Dirk pops up for some remedial pit licking, it’s time for Liam’s mouth to start the “Audition”. Not surprisingly, his cock sucking abilities match the condition of his bush: natural.

dirk caber liam knox flip fuck titanmenMoving to the bedroom, Dirk munches on Liam’s ass. His thumb has Liam squirming. Then he starts banging away. Just look at him go. Dirk Caber could out-fuck many a man half his age. No wonder so many snowflakes want some of the Caber. But today, he’s got himself a man in Liam and doesn’t waste one minute, hair, or hole.

dirk caber liam knox flip fuck titanmenThen it’s Liam’s turn. First, he mounts Dirk, then flips him over and picks up more speed. He pumps his nut all over Dirk’s sweaty, hairy junk immediately after pummels a cum rip out of Dirk that almost hits Mr. Caber right in his chin. Safe to say, Liam Knox aced this “Audition”.

[Watch Liam Knox & Dirk Caber in “Audition” scene one at TitanMen]

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