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Dirty Dozen: 12 Cum-Worthy Scenes We Need To Talk About

Welcome back to another filthy edition of Dirty Dozen – the (somewhat regularly published) list where we take a dive into the hottest porn scenes that we never got the chance to talk about on this blog.

For this edition of Dirty Dozen, we’re taking a look at some hottest gay porn scenes from the past two months or so that slipped under our radar. These scenes get into everything from perverted tailors to paint-covered flip-fucks to holes that taste just like your dad! We may have missed these videos when they originally dropped, but our dicks are at full attention now!

Take a look below at these two hot scenes and be sure to let us know your favorite video down in the comments!

1. Peter Annaud & Sven Basquiat

Site: BelAmi
Featuring: Peter Annaud, Sven Basquiat
BelAmi has been pushing out a lot of great bareback scenes recently, but this must-watch dicking somehow slipped right by us when it dropped late last month. Good thing we rediscovered it because it’s definitely worth one or two stroke sessions. [Watch]

2. Top Training

Site: Twink Top
Featuring: Cameron Basinger, Mitch Cox, Rick Fantana
If you aren’t trying to seduce your coach into a raw threesome with your bro, then can you even consider yourself a team player? [Watch]

3. The Banana Challenge

Site: Masqulin
Featuring: Dex Parker, Thyle Knoxx, Derek Thibeau
I don’t know if the “banana challenge” is even a real thing, but it’s honestly the most interesting internet challenge I’ve seen in years. Hopefully we get to see a couple more Masqulin hunks take on this phallic task. [Watch]

4. Splattered

Site: Next Door Studios
Featuring: Johnny Hill, Dakota Payne
If you’re interested in some technicolor banging, then make sure that you and your eager cock tune into this neon paint-covered anal flip-fuck. [Watch]

5. Des Fucks Ty

Site: Guys In Sweatpants
Featuring: Des Ìrez, Ty Santana
“A cum-filled, freshly drained bottom is a happy bottom. And Ty left a happy bottom…” [Watch]

6. The Tailor and the Big Tail

Site: Men
Featuring: Andy StarPol Prince
We technically mentioned this scene when we included it in our roundup of suited-up sex scenes, but that was before we saw this full video. Now that we’ve watched the entire scene, we can definitely recommend it to everyone and anyone who is into watching dapper men fuck around. [Watch]

7. The Colonary Academy

Site: Fisting Inferno
Featuring: Dominic Pacifico, Josh Mikael
We’re going to get a little kinky with our #7 on this list and throw in a hardcore fisting scene. I know a lot of you will probably pass on this kitchen-themed fist session, but we’re sure a couple of you perverts will appreciate this raunchy countertop fucking. [Watch]

8. Splash Zone

Site: Trailer Trash Boys
Featuring: Romeo Davis, Bryce Hart
“That hole tastes so good. Tastes just like your daddy’s!” [Watch]

9. Playin Games

Site: NoirMale
Featuring: Devin Trez, Gus Del Rey
I don’t know about you guys, but in all my years of living with random people, my roommates never once dicked me down like this. [Watch]

10. Little Workday Distraction

Site: FunSizeBoys
Featuring: Austin L Young, Legrand Wolf
Yes, we’ve seen these two men fuck probably hundreds of times, but it’s still pretty hot to watch Legrand’s XXL cock get pumped in and out of Austin’s hole. [Watch]

11. Jax & Kyle: Bareback

Site: Sean Cody
Featuring: Kyle, Jax
I don’t talk about Sean Cody that much on this site, because I may or may not find the studio’s content to be super fucking boring… That being said though, this scene is actually pretty fucking hot and I’m glad I came across it. [Watch]

12. Foreskin

Site: Nasty Daddy
Featuring: Craig Daniels, Letterio
We’re going to end this list with a true throwback scene that just got added to the Nasty Daddy library last month. This scene may be a couple of years old, but that doesn’t make it any less cum-worthy! [Watch]


1 thought on “Dirty Dozen: 12 Cum-Worthy Scenes We Need To Talk About”

  1. Universal Potentate

    Sven got married and had a kid. Then he got buff and got out of porn to do solo jack off/flex stuff.
    As you might expect, his fan base completely dried up.
    Nice enough guy but to be a porn star, ya kinda have to do porn.
    Other “gay” porn actors are married with children and still performing. Conversely there are just gay porn actors who got gay married and quit.
    Takes all kinds, I guess, just sad to see Sven fade out during his prime.

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