Dirty Tony’s “Justin Master” Also Sean Cody’s Legendary “Horse Hung”

Two months ago, we met a horse hung man named Justin Master who wouldn’t stop complaining about how big his dick was. He was so hot/annoying! But thanks to a comment on that old post that I just read tonight, it’s now clear that this isn’t the first time we’ve seen this big-dicked bastard.

If you’ve been watching porn your entire life like I have, you surely remember the actual “Horse Hung” from Sean Cody? Of course you do. Way back in 2003(!!), the then 18-year-old, pale, lightly hairy twink with an engorged battering ram for a cock made his one and only Sean Cody video. In it, of course, Horse Hung wore a hat pulled down low so that he couldn’t be identified.

Eight years later, Sean Cody’s Horse Hung (on the left) has decided that he no longer cares who finds out that he is jerking his ridonkulous donkey dick on gay porn sites, because here he is now (on the right) as Dirty Tony’s Justin Master, without the hat and with more hair. And with a little bit of a tan! And with that same dick:

If that veiny shaft doesn’t convince you and you’re still skeptical, note the birthmark on his right arm!!

One more birthmark to point out: The small, almost dot-like mole on his left hip. We have a match!

But in the end, it’s the unmistakable cock that gives it away.

Now, can we see him actually fuck someone or at least put that dick of dreams in someone’s mouth (i.e., mine), please? Dirty Tony? Sean Cody? Anyone?

[Dirty Tony: Justin Master]

[Sean Cody: Horse Hung]


12 thoughts on “Dirty Tony’s “Justin Master” Also Sean Cody’s Legendary “Horse Hung””

  1. He’s so damn cute, the 10-inch dick is almost a drawback: I wouldn’t want to work that hard all the time and it’s definitely given him an attitude (he’s an “actor”). I sure would like to lick him up and down, though.

  2. His penis looks big due to photo trickery. Exhibit A, the pic of him from the side. In that pic his penis looks average…well, what is average to me. In the other pics, the camera is clearly placed as if you were looking up a hill from the bottom giving off the illusion that his penis is larger than it really is.

  3. I know, I know… I’m the minority here– But, his dick looks gross. yuck.

    Sorry, i guess I’m no longer apart of the gay persuasion when I don’t drop to my needs and worship enormous cock.

    It is the same with body builders… bloated veinyness..and vainness..not an attractive quality.

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