Disney is Marketing to Plushies

Say it Isn’t So, Tinker Bell; Disney is Marketing to Plushies

Kellogg’s loss is their gain. Apparently, Disney thinks plushies are Grrrreat!

Call me old-fashioned, but I like the hair on my men to be made of protein, not modacrylic. Then again, I’m not a plushie. But if you are, the “Wonderful World of Disney” just got a lot more wonderful.

While Gawker reports that poor Tony The Tiger can’t even send a simple tweet these days without being “begged for sex,” our friends at Gizmodo reveal, “Disney Is Marketing Zootopia to Plushies & Furries, Which Is Genius.”

Do you know what a plushie/furry is? Disney sure does—and it’s trying to boost box office sales to its zoo-themed film, Zootopia, by marketing directly to people who like to roleplay as animals for sex reasons.

Disney is Marketing to Plushies
And look at these jacked tigers. What are they wearing?!

BuzzFeed’s Katie Notopoulos uncovered proof that at least one marketing agency hired by Disney to promote the film is reaching out to the furry community:

Disney is Marketing to Plushies

BuzzFeed News has obtained an email that a marketing agency working with Disney sent to the furry Meetup group Furlife, encouraging furries to post photos of themselves in fursuits to Twitter and Instagram with the movie hashtag, even offering posters or movie swag to those that do.

Disney is Marketing to Plushies Notopoulos noted that Disney’s animators have also favorited tweets from furry community Twitter users about the film—and that many furries believe Disney purposely made the film to appeal to furries.

Disney’s overtures to the furry community are a nice contrast to how the Twitter account of Frosted Flakes® mascot Tony the Tiger treated furry fans. I guess Disney is more chill than Kelloggs about horny co-option of supposedly wholesome brands?

If One Million Moms was against Ellen, when they catch onto this, Disney might just find themselves in a sticky situation …

For that clean up in Aisle Plush, How to quickly remove stains made of semen from clothes.

You’re welcome.

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