Aaron Savvy, Trevor Northman

Do As You’re Told: Aaron Savvy Takes Control

Which part of tough-talking Aaron Savvy turns you on the most: the alpha attitude, chiseled abs, handsome face or big hard cock? Thankfully, all are on display as NakedSword’s first-ever two-part blockbuster Five Brothers: Family Values continues!

As the sun glistens on late afternoon in Miami, Aunt Danni is chillin’ in the backyard of the family home. Suddenly her darling Jay Dymel appears with their long lost recently orphaned brother Nic Sahara. “Nic, so great to see you baby!” she gives Nic a hug then slaps Jay across the face, “Don’t you ever pull that shit again!” as a “welcome home” from five years in prison. Danni sees Nic to his room as Jay goes to the garage to reconnect with his brother Aaron.

Aaron Savvy, Trevor Northman Aaron Savvy, Trevor Northman

As Jay walks up to the door, he can hear Aaron reprimanding one of their dealers, Trevor Northman. Sadistic Jay settles in to watch Aaron give this boy a lesson in proper dealer etiquette: “Pull down your pants and bend over.” Trevor does as he’s told, and after a few spanks, Aaron unzips his pants to reveal his giant cock: “Pleasure me.” He shoves his cock all the way down Trevor’s throat.

Aaron Savvy, Trevor Northman Aaron Savvy, Trevor Northman

After much sucking and gagging, Aaron pulls Trevor up, gives him a wet unwanted kiss, then bends him over again to reveal Trevor’s perfect tight ass. Aaron teases the dealer by rubbing his giant cock up and down Trevor’s hesitant hole, and then slides slowly inside. Aaron, knowing his cock is gigantic, has some pity on the boy and reminds him, “Shhhh, not so loud.”

Aaron Savvy, Trevor Northman Aaron Savvy, Trevor Northman

Aaron continues to use Trevor’s hole as his personal fuck toy until he is satisfied and blows his load all over Trevor’s flawless ass, then commands him “Get the fuck out, I’m done.” Trevor scurries out of the garage; lesson learned as Aaron sadistically licks his cum off his fingers.

See the full scene at NakedSword!

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