Do You Like Getting Your Dick Sucked?


Of course. The only thing better than getting your dick sucked is sucking someone else’s dick, and the only thing better than sucking someone else’s dick is watching other people suck each other’s dicks. So, here is an epic compilation of a bunch of guys sucking dicks and getting their own dicks sucked.

In case you can’t tell, these are blowjobs from Golden Gate (seasons 1-4). The almost hour long compilation is on NakedSword now (NakedSword Originals returns later this month with more new content), and it includes Brad Star, Chris Porter, Donny Wright, Tommy Defendi, Shane Frost, Johnny Torque, Parker Perry and loads (literally) more.

[NakedSword’s Golden Gate: Best Of Cocksucking]


7 thoughts on “Do You Like Getting Your Dick Sucked?”

  1. sure enuff but it takes talent and devotion to give a good blowjob. Most of the above seen in the trailer don’t perhaps chris porter excepted.
    Those who gave excellent head are/were:
    Tyler johnson, jonathan vargas, pistol pete (wow), angelo marconi (another wow), lil’papi, brent everett, tommy blade, alexy tyler, mario cruz, ricky cruz snowbunni… please inform me of more blowing talents

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