Jax Thirio, Jesse Bolton

Do You Like Meat in Your Stuffing?

It’s an age-old argument: To put meat in your holiday stuffing or not. But when Jax Thirio and his filling sausage are an option, there is no debate. Celebrate the debut of this new NakedSword Originals movie by treating yourself to this hot scene!

Adult superstar Johnny Rapid and Award-winning director Edward James make their NakedSword Originals debut with Happy Fuckin’ Birthday Johnny Rapid, an X-rated bareback birthday bash that you’re all invited to! Yesterday, we share how you can catch a FREE 30+ minute preview of this unique project on Weekends at NakedSword. Check it out through Sunday, November 29th—then take advantage of the Black Friday pricing of $20 a month for life to watch this debut scene!

Johnny Rapid

After the whole gang meets up in Atlanta to start the birthday weekend, Jesse Bolton and Jax Thirio head back to their crash pad because Jesse is super horned. Happy to satisfy, Jax strips down and Jesse wastes no time deep-throating his thick pole.

Jax Thirio, Jesse Bolton

Jax Thirio, Jesse Bolton

After getting his cock worked over, Jax sits Jesse back and fills his mouth with Jesse’s throbbing cock (and this cutie is also backing some very hot meat!). Eager for more, Jesse lifts his legs up and Jax lifts him upside down for a scorching standing 69.

Jax Thirio, Jesse Bolton

Jax Thirio, Jesse Bolton

Back on all fours, Jax gives Jesse’s ass a few more licks before sliding his cock deep inside the twink’s tight hole bareback. After a doggy-style drilling, Jesse gets on top to let Jax fuck up into his tight ass.

Jax Thirio, Jesse Bolton Jax Thirio, Jesse Bolton

Up and down Jesse’s hole goes on Jax’s cock, and I love those moans he makes! Jesse gets on his back, and Jax fucks his hole while Jesse strokes his cock until they both shoot thick loads that cover Jesse’s heaving abs.

See the full scene at NakedSword!

Black Friday


2 thoughts on “Do You Like Meat in Your Stuffing?”

  1. Universal Potentate

    Btw, Johnny Rapid’s birthday is August 24th. Or at least Hylan Taylor’s birthday is. I’ve never heard of a porn actor whose persona has a different birthday than the actor themself. But … who knows?

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