Dolf Dietrich Tries, Fails to Teach Pasty Top To Fuck Him Right

There’s a weird new scene from Men Over 30 which is framed like it’s been self-shot by Dolf Dietrich, who talks about being a three-year vet of the porn business, and how he’s going to try something “different” after getting fucked by some of the “biggest names in the business.”

But now he “finds” a guy “online” who actually turns out to be occasional porn model Daniel Duress, who did a scene a while back for Bound Jocks with Dirk Caber, and also shot a recent scene with Jack Hunter for Gay Room.

Dolf says he’s going to teach this “all American” guy to “fuck a man” like him, by which I guess he means he’s going to try to show him how to be a big dom top. The only problem is that Daniel doesn’t seem like much of a dom top — he was Dirk Caber’s bondage bottom, anyway.

And as much as Dolf tries to perform and pretend he’s really into this, it’s kinda not hot. And Daniel seems sort of scared of Dolf, and Dolf does all he can to sound like he’s getting off.

It’s not exactly a great endorsement for a porn site about Men Over 30.

Also, Daniel looks kind of hotter here, at Gay Room…

… than here.


Dolf, however, is just ridiculous.


Watch as they try to fuck.









[Pride Studios/Men Over 30: Bottom Power]

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