dolphin masturbation

Should “Interplay Between Man & Dolphin” Be Against the Law?

Dutch authorities say no laws were broken. But this dolphin tug job got has the PETA crowd going nuts. What say you?

Dolphins are highly sexual. But their mating riutal is 10 seconds or less. Dolphin “manual manipulation” is a common practice of their “handlers” to help them “relax and de-stress.” However, it seems a whole lot of people need some de-stressing of their own cuz they flippin’ freaked out after seeing this.”

TomoNews ran a story about, “a video secretly filmed by Dutch TV show RamBam showing flipper receiving a sex act at a dolphinarium in the Netherlands has raised eyebrows, but Dutch authorities and reps from the dolphin park in Hardewijk say this isn’t some kind of questionable love affair.”
dolphin masturbation“It’s simply part of a breeding program and the dude milking the dolphin was just helping the animal “de-stress.”

dolphin masturbation
Male dolphins have been observed “wrapping wiggly eels” around their members for the purposes of self-gratification. No, unless your name is Flipper, don’t try that at home.

dolphin masturbation
The Mirror adds, “Since the video was released online, furious animal campaigners have slammed the Dolphinarium in Hardewijk, Netherlands.” I guess they have no idea where the process of bringing meat to the supermarket begins.

TomoNews posed a question as a statement which I am asking the same way …

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