Dom King, Nick Cranston

Dom King is Obsessed With Nick Cranston’s Big Balls

It’s not often that we get to see Dom King show off even quick glimpses of a sub side. But for a few moments in his new scene, I almost…almost…thought he might bottom.

He doesn’t, of course, but the mild fake-out is fun to watch. Dom recently signed as a exclusive, so like it or not, we’re going to be seeing a lot more of these comedic scenes. Dom and muscle man Nick Cranston (who made his studio debut at NakedSword last year) are in a bad mood after losing their baseball game. And when Dom gets a look at Nick’s oversized saline sac in the locker room, he can’t look away.

Dom King Dom King, Nick Cranston

Dom King, Nick Cranston Dom King, Nick Cranston

Dom grips his bud’s sac with his baseball glove, then whips out his dick and fucks the flesh between Nick’s sac and cock. Dom also gets on his knees to slurp all over that sac and cock (at which point I ask myself: Is he gonna bend over for the beefy stud?!). But order is restored when Nick submits and sucks on Dom’s big beautiful dick, and I once again marvel at this man’s stunning body.

Dom King, Nick Cranston Dom King, Nick Cranston

Dom King, Nick Cranston Dom King, Nick Cranston

Dom then takes it up a notch by fucking Nick with a baseball bat (ouch…but at least it’s the narrow end). Nick then takes it doggy (check out his swaying sac in those low shots looking up at the action) before sitting down on Dom, the bottom’s sac slamming against the top’s leg. Nick then gets on his back before the two squirt.

Do you like balls this big?

See the full scene at!


5 thoughts on “Dom King is Obsessed With Nick Cranston’s Big Balls”

  1. I felt agony seeing the photos of this man with saline injections. This is not healthy. Nick Cranston has a great body. He didn’t need these harmful injections. More than ever, sex workers need a good union, which directs them to good doctors. They need to be informed not to practice these irresponsible aesthetic procedures that cause damages to the body. Dom King: beautiful, he really is a king. Absolutely charismatic.

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